9 Health Benefits Of Soaked Almonds You Never Knew About

This is a must-read if you want a great health forever

Everyone is aware of the fact that soaked almonds are good memory boosters. Are you sure that’s all? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about this humble dry fruit:

• When soaked overnight in water, bitter-tasting organic substances present in the almond’s skin is removed. This process softens the skin and makes it easier to peel off and allows the nutrients of the dry-fruit to be absorbed easily by your body.

• Having soaked almonds before breakfast helps prevent aging/wrinkling of skin due to the high level of Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, present in almonds.

• Eating soaked almonds also reduces inflammation of acne and keeps your skin soft and moist. Making a fine paste of soaked almonds and honey can also work as an effective face mask.

• Almonds are also effective in controlling your cholesterol level by reducing the bad fat in the body. This helps in maintaining blood pressure and protecting your heart from attacks.

• It also helps in preventing the risk of strokes by keeping the arteries healthy.

• Almonds soaked overnight have a prebiotic effect which improve the growth of good bacteria and boosts the immune system.

• The anti-cancer properties in almonds prevent abnormal cell growth in the body, hence helping fight cancer.

• Almonds help our guts absorb more nutrients from food and keeps our digestive system in check.

• Overnight soaked almonds are also known as brain tonic and helps children in increasing memory and build cognitive functions.

So make sure you have almonds stocked in your home for a stock of good health in your body.

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