A Rap Song on Navi Mumbai you won’t regret listening too

The Genesis of rap music may not be from India, but it has been perceived by today’s youth quite well! It is undeniably the perfect way to express any emotion – anger, sadness, humour, and much more, that too in the quirkiest and innovative ways possible. Talking about ‘rap song on Navi Mumbai ’, did you know there is a ‘Rap Song’ for Navi Mumbai as well?

The video is called ‘Navi Mumbai Song’ featuring a group of young rappers, who call themselves ‘Raptonicz’. Going by our earlier experience of the music, thanks to some of the wannabe rappers like Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash Mishra’, who got their fair share of popularity through Youtube platform, you might not expect much from this video. But, you won’t regret pressing that play button.

Coz this one would keep you engaged till the end. Listening to the song would certainly make you feel the talent that these kids have..and hold pride in being a Navi Mumbaikar!


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