Accused of Sanpada bank heist gets suicidal

Hajid Ali, an accused who was part of the recent Sanpada bank heist, tried to take his own life by injuring himself on Friday. The police said that Hajid Ali was taken to a civic hospital in Vashi for a checkup. Over there, Ali kept banging his head against a mirror of a steel cupboard.

Ali was part of the Juinagar’s branch Bank of Baroda heist. The Juinagar branch of the bank was in Sanpada. Ali said that his role in the heist was only to dump the debris that was collected from the 40-feet hole that the gang dug up.

Police said that he tries to deliberately tried to hurt himself.

“At the casualty ward, he banged his head on the mirror. The glass shards pierced his forehead. The escorting policemen overpowered him, and the nursing staff bandaged his wound. He has sustained superficial injuries. He could have done this so that the policemen are unable to interrogate him in custody for recovery of the booty ” said a police officer.

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