Countering crime, in a day! Vashi police nab station hawker attackers.

5 MNS workers arrested for attacking hawkers at the Vashi Station

Navi Mumbai has always been leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. And so are the Navi Mumbai police! Just a couple of hours after the attack on hawkers outside Vashi railway station, Navi Mumbai police have arrested the attackers. MNS Chief, Raj Thackeray held a rally in South Mumbai soon after the tragic event at Elphinstone Road, earlier this month. After the death of 23 people at the Elphinstone Road Station, the MNS party believes that the hawkers were responsible for the stampede. The party has since, taken it upon themselves to rid the city and its stations of hawkers. While it’s not entirely a bad idea to have more airy exits and entrances to stations, the approach they took was questionable. However, it’s not out of the ordinary for them to take a violent approach for this task.

The Crime:

It is reported that on Sunday (29th October) evening, a group of 10-15 MNS workers, adorning the MNS colours around their necks stormed the station complex and started to vandalize the stalls set up outside the station. Some of the hawkers who refused to shut their shops were also beaten up and their goods were kicked about.

Picture credits: Local Press Co

The Action:

The Vashi Police swiftly sprang into action and arrested Shrikant Mane, Sandesh Dongre, Sanprit Tumrekar, Swapnil Gadge and Sagar Naikare on Monday, who were later released on bail. But this rapid act by Vashi Police will work as a deterrent for criminals and is a heavy reminder for those who were caught. Kudos to the police! While the question of the hawkers arises, there must be better ways to deal with them. And those outside the spacious Vashi Railway Station are hardly a hindrance. What do you think? What do you think would be the right way to deal with the hawker menace in most stations?

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