Ahhh…Those Doordarshan days

There have been several times when I would watch T.V with my parents and they would bring up this one thing; “During our times, there was only one channel called Doordarshan and all the shows, news and ads played on it.” Henceforth would begin the reminiscence of all the old shows’ names, the actors and actresses who were on so and so ads, that Shah Rukh Khan serial, names of the newsreaders, and yes of course, the famous Doordarshan jingle.

Though, I cannot very much nod in agreement and go full on nostalgic, I can very well say that I have had my share of Doordarshan delights. Those cartoons that would play in the evening  and on weekends….. These are the cartoons I vividly remember:


Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, arre chaddi pahan ke phool kila phool kila hai….

Anyways, what I’m really talking about are the ads that will indubitably hit anyone with nostalgia who belonged to the 80s and 90s.

Take a look at these beautiful compilations of all these old, really old Doordarshan ads that once played on? That’s right – Doordarshan.

You may wanna grab a snack because this is gonna be long virtual trip down memory lane.




And one last ad. Because, school time, action ka school time

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