ALL about #MeToo

This hashtag came into existence after film producer Harvey Weinstein was slapped with multiple accusations of sexual assault and harassment. The list of his victims even includes actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

Alyssa Milano was the first celebrity who encouraged people to come forward and reply to her tweet by using the words ‘me too’ if they have been victims of sexual assault.


Real soon, the words became a trending hashtag that spread like wildfire. Many people, from celebrities to regular citizens came forward and tweeted #MeToo conveying that were once sexually assaulted.

With more than 21,000 retweets and 61,000, this hashtag became a huge social media movement. It didn’t only stop till here. This hashtag gave way to two new hashtags #balancetonporc or “expose the pig” in French and #Womanwhoroar to encourage victims to speak up.

It is very sad and repulsive to know that so many people have been victims of sexual assault. But this brave social media movement has restored faith in the fact that victims are getting support from so many people even if they’re strangers and that there’s absolutely zero tolerance towards such disgusting and repugnant crime.

So, if you’re a victim, be brave, speak up and use the hashtag #MeToo. 100% support to victims and 0% tolerance to the criminals(Yes, criminals. Even if they’re not caught, they are still criminals).

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