Anand Mahindra and the “Viral Shoes Doctor” – A story to follow by heart and compassion

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the very renowned Mahindra empire, who is fairly active on social media, recently tweeted about a very interesting man Dr Nasseeram ‘The shoes doctor’. The shoes, doctor sounds weird right? But the story is extremely heart warming and proves that the talent is what matters.

The strength of 144 characters showed its power. Anand Mahindra posted a picture of a cobbler, who could teach in Indian institute of management. A cobbler with his road side stall, with a billboard behind him showcased his marketing skills. His billboard offered to cure ‘hurt shoes’, what stood out was that he described his enterprise as ‘Dr Nasseeram’s hospital’ where shoes were treated.

Anand Mahindra, the man who is know for his gesture of generosity, again bagged social media to appreciate talent and hardwork. After tweeting about the shoes doctor, he asked his team to track him down, if he is still there and still working and help him expand his start up. On April 28th, 2018, he tweeted about how his team in Haryana got in touch with Narseeramji and his team in Haryana met him and asked how we could help. The sweet and humble Mr Narseeramji, instead of asking for money, he said he needs a good workspace. Anand Mahindra, asked his design studio from Mumbai to design a booth which was efficient, aesthetic and functional.

Anand Mahindra, the man of his heart-warming gestures, had previously used the power of social media in uplifting a woman entrepreneur, who converted the Mahindra Bolero into a food truck. Rodrigues, a journalist working in Bloomberg LP, tweeted about Shilpa, an enterprising woman who converted a Mahindra Bolero into a food truck. Replying to the tweet minutes after Jeanette put it out, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “A terrific story of entrepreneurship to end the week with. At Mahindra, we call this a Rise story. Am so delighted the Bolero played a small role. Can someone reach her & tell her I will personally invest in her expansion by supplying a Bolero for the second outlet she’s planning?”

It is heart-warming when people that are more privileged than many, take the time out to help the ones in need. Anand Mahindra proved to be a leader, who not only leads, but rather create leaders and entrepreneur.



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