Another bus service in the country running on the ground, with Amphibius bus!

Another bus service in the country running on the ground, with Amphibius bus!

Amphibius bus service will be started with JNPT in Navi Mumbai, which is moving towards Smart City. After Chandigarh there will be another project in this country.

Navi Mumbai: Amphibius bus service will be started in collaboration with JNPT in Navi Mumbai, which is moving towards Smart City. After Chandigarh there will be another project in this country. Navi Mumbai will be honored to be the first city to start a bus service on water and road.

Navi Mumbai is known as Satelite and a well planned city. In the Swachh Bharat campaign, the country has got the eighth and first place in the state. Since RNH headquarters and many important industries are here, many citizens are coming from abroad for business purposes; But the number of tourists visiting as a city is low. There is no such place for citizens to visit. Due to this, the corporation has started new plans for tourism growth in future. As part of this, JNPT has decided to launch Amphibius (land and water) bus service. For this bus service, Rs 10.69 lakh will be spent and JNPT will spend all the expenses. Municipal corporation is giving permissions for setting up basic services for bus roads and the permission of other authorities will also be received by the concerned machinery. NMC will not be spending any rupee,
NMC had earlier tender 7 times to beautify the holding pond in Nerul sector 26 and provide boating facility there; But he did not receive the response and finally decided to start the Amphibius bus project. Due to increasing urbanization, it is being done in all the countries to find many options in public transport. This is an option to start the buses and road buses at the same time. Earlier, bus services like this have started in Chandigarh. The proposal to start the project, which is involved in the development of Navi Mumbai, has been presented at the general meeting of the corporation. This proposal will be approved after the administration submitted its presentation in the adjournment meeting. Appeal Commissioner, Ramaswamy N., said that the proposal should be sanctioned as the municipal corporation does not have any expenditure on this project. He has also done this.
> Innovative municipal projects implemented
for the first time this is being called a new project in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation implemented. Navi Mumbai is the first municipal corporation in the country to build state-of-the-art Dharni center, senior citizen Virungula center, water supply system and modern technology based dumping ground, and now the project will be the first municipal corporation in the state.
The important things in the proposal of Amphibius Bus
will be used for the project of Jewel cast of Navi Mumbai, Nerul Sector 26, holding tank and surrounding area.

The road from Sadar Bus will start from Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and reach the Jawl of the Navi Mumbai lake on the service road from Pambir Marg and take a walk in the lake and return to the original place.
Permission to use the services road of Jewels of Navi Mumbai and the headquarter to Jewel of Navi Mumbai Palm Beach Road will allow and license for five years.
The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust is going to own a system for the bus and its printing system.
In order to create basic infrastructure for Bus Service, the necessary permissions for the Municipal area will be provided free of cost. However, other necessary permissions will be made available by Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust by the concerned authorities themselves.
The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) will be managing all aspects of bus related matters.
The Municipal Commissioner shall have all the powers to deal with this project.
If any dispute arises regarding the joint project, the municipal commissioner will be acting as an arbitrator and his decision will remain final.
Municipal Corporation will get 25 per cent of the profit if the project gets profit.


Credit to: Lokmat News Network

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