Anti-aging Bedtime Habits

We all want to stop time as far as our age is concerned. It never hurts to get a couple of compliments for our flawless skin, clear complexion. Follow these bedtime habits and slow your aging process:

Wash your face:

Our skin needs to breathe. It’s loaded with makeup during the day. Washing off the makeup before you get to bed not only helps you avoid clogged pores but the occurrence of acne too. This simple everyday ritual helps you get a clean and refreshed face.


While we sleep, our skin takes the time to rejuvenate and repair itself from any damage caused during the day. To help you skin look plumper and nourished, apply a moisturizer/night cream that contains anti-aging component like hyaluronic acid.

Drink water:

70% of our body is made up of water. Water is very important for our skin to heal itself and keep it moisturized. Going to bed dehydrated makes it difficult for the skin to regenerate the cells while sleeping, so know how much water your body needs and stay hydrated!

Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep is of utmost importance for a healthy skin. It is a key factor in regulating the aging process. A good night’s sleep helps you release the human growth hormone (HGH). So sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night and give your body to recharge your skin.

Don’t Eat Just before Bedtime:

Giving into midnight craving can make your skin look wrinkled. Sugar elevates your glucose level, inhibiting the regeneration of collagen.

Prime your pillowcase:

How much ever clean the pillowcase might look, it does carry a certain amount of bacteria that are not good for the skin. Flip your pillow regularly and change your pillowcase often for a clean and bacteria-free skin.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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