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Apps every millennial should know about

(Take a shot every time you read the word ‘millennial’. And that’s your first shot.)

It’s an easily known fact that the millennial has somewhat a better hang on today’s world. What with crazy filters, emergence of new apps and ever growing hippy nooks and crannies, the GenX are more than happy to stick with their GenX way of living.

If you are a millennial who wants to be extra millennial, then these dope apps will give you a fresh millennial makeover to make you even more millennial. You can even introduce your homeboys to them.

Aaaallright, that’s all the millennial I could speak and I won’t lie, even I cringed a little while typing them(last one, promise) millennial words but you know, i gotta add the effect.

So guys, check out these apps that according to millennials, every millennials should have.

1. Airbnb

If you are planning a getaway, however big or small, and want to rent a cozy and beautiful room or cabin all to yourself or for your companions, then this is the perfect app. This app allows you to rent the most beautiful, fuzzy, cozy places to live in. I mean, who doesn’t want to head back to a home that has a soul-soothing aura after a day of wandering and exploring?


2. Color Switch

Some colour therapy, anyone? This game has received many positive reviews. It’s a game where you must follow each color pattern you’re shown on each obstacle to progress. It sounds really simple and like there’s nothing to it, but i bet fat stacks that you’ll get addicted.

3. Xbox One SmartGlass

If you love Xbox, then this definitely for you. With the help of this app, you take your Xbox experience to a new level. Though not many, but some games are compatible with its added functionality.

4. Youtube music

The main goal of Youtube with this app is to improve music listening experience than the main app.


5. Layout for Instagram

You can probably slap instagram onto anything and anyone would buy it or download it. This app helps you combine, rearrange and resize photos according to your liking. So if you want more likes, you know what to do.

6. Wattpad

Books, Books, Books. So many books written by so many budding, aspiring and known writers. Need I say more?

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