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Artisans, visitors ask for ATM inside Urban Haat

Artisans and visitors have raised the need for ATMS at Belapur’s Urban Haat before various fairs and exhibitions kick-starts from 8th November 2017.

With Belapur set to host another year of several fairs and exhibitions at Urban Haat, artisans and visitors participating in this year’s event have raised the requirement of ATMs inside the venue. On 8th November 2017, which marks the first anniversary of demonetization, take us back in the time when the entire country witnessed the frenzy going on outside every ATM and Bank. People standing in queues, getting into scuffle, and unending wait for their chance from morning to evening! Among them there was a certain section of people, who also had to go through the same process and were one of the worst affected sections by its immediate effect.

Belapur’s Urban Haat is organizing various fairs and exhibition where most of the transactions usually happens in cash. Ever since the demonetization drive took the entire country in its hold, the artisans and craftsman have learnt a lesson. Most of them have now began using credit cards and swiping machines to sell their products.

At present, about 80% sellers have started using the machines.

According to K S V Nair, the manager of of Urban Haat said, “The remaining 20% face cash crush and often have to walk far to gain access to an ATM. Although most transaction are cashless but the visitors too need money and require an ATM inside the premises.”

Expecting the increasing number of visitors to Urban Haat, the requirement for an ATM is getting higher too, clarified Nair.

The space and provision to install an ATM kiosk already exist in its premises. Nair added, “We have requested various banks to open an ATM for the benefit of sellers as well as buyers.”

People are expected to visit Urban Haat at Belapur to shop from various fairs and exhibitions. Not only Navi Mumbaikars, but people from Mumbai and other distant places are expected to visit the venue too.

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