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  • 6 Summer Travel Essential to Pack this vacation

    Summers in India is the season of vacation.People go on holidays to the famous tourist places no matter how hot it is. An Indian summer lasts from March to June before the arrival of the monsoons. Depending on where you are going, temperatures in different places can vary from 30 degrees Celsius in hill stations to a high of 50 degrees Celsius in parts of Central India and desert areas such as Rajasthan. Summers in India are unbearably hot and humid, it’s impossible to stay out in the open for even few second. And as it is a season of vacation the trip must go on. Here is a small list of travel essential you need to pack when you set out for your vacation in summer.


    Travel light and travel essay carry light weight cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are best to deal with the hot sun and stay comfortable.


    Unless you are on a trek or hike, Slip-ons and open sandals are most comfortable to allow your feet to breathe in the heat and humidity.

    Facial tissues

    High humidity places will leave you perspiring heavily and you will be glad to have that handy face wipe readily available which will keep you fresh and hydrate your skin.

    Water bottle

    Yes, packaged drinking water is readily available around but carrying your own bottle of water is the best as the sun hits hard.

    Mosquito Repellent

    High heat and humidity attracts mosquitoes and it is best to prevent yourself from being bitten. It is therefore important to keep repelling mosquitoes using the repellent. These are handy and easy to carry and does not consume much space.

    Juice cartons

    Keep some small cartons of juices, the hot sun might just drain out all the glucose from your body, leaving you dizzy and weak. The juice will regenerate the glucose.

    This list has the must pack essential for your summer trip and will help you fight the summer heat and enjoy the vacation


  • Best 5 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

    Summers are the cherry on the cake, for those who have plunged into the journey of weight loss. Summers are around the corner and are the best time to step out and shred some calories. But let the hustle in the workout do its job and not the burning sun, don’t let the sun drain your energy and show the unhealthy weight loss results. Weight loss always counts for 70% of your diet and 30% of exercise. But what we generally do is eat less and workout more, and that’s a bad weight loss regime. Plan your weight loss with this small list of essential tips to knock out those extra calories this summer.

    Get some perfect sleep

    Sleep is the key ingredient of the recipe to weight loss. Weird! But Yes, it is, studies have proved the fact that a good 7 hour of sleep will help in weight loss. Sleep helps is relaxing and repairing the muscles. And helps in restoring the energy to hustle again the next day.

    Say no to Soda, Say yes to Water

    Summers, comes in with the thirsty throat and what attracts under the hot burning sun is the chilled sodas and soft drinks. Replace your mod of quenching the thirst by the water, it is the best natural means with immense properties to repair the body internally and add to your weight loss. After the sweet slumber it’s the water that adds to the recipe, making it healthier.

    Say yes to yogurts, say no to Ice creams

    The summers welcome the chilled frizzing tubs of ice creams with the baggage of tons of calories free. Be strong to say No! to that spoon of ice cream rather quench your craving for it with its nearby substitute Yogurt. Yogurt has amazing nutrients, protein which are extremely beneficial at the same time yogurt keep the body cool, also you can have it honey and fruits and it tastes the same rather its double benefit taste, heathy benefits.

    Choose your food with care

    DON’T EAT! This is not exactly what it means, but see it other way round, do eat veggies, do eat fruits, do eat right food after every interval, do eat curd, do eat cheese, do eat dark chocolate, do eat home cooked food, the list says yes to things that are generally prohibited from eating in weight loss. Cheese, dark chocolate does have essential elements to be a part of the weight loss and it will only make your food choice better and healthier.

    Stay Motivated     

    It’s easy to fall off the wagon and stop going to the gym and eating healthfully, but it is tuff and hard to stick to you journey, but  you need to stay motivated and keep up your sprit, every time you quit remember why you started it at first place.

    This list of tips for weight loss will help you plan your weight loss program this summer.





  • 6 Tips for women to travel solo, travel safe

    I want to travel solo one day, aspiration of every girl and soon the next question hits her , will I be able to travel safe? And this one question sets as a draw back for withdrawal from the ultimate wish and all the guts you gathered to travel solo. The thing about solo travelling alone is, you can’t open yourself to the unexpected adventure. Yes, the question of safety is a million-dollar worth but, you really can’t miss out on the essence of solo travelling and the treasure of experience it gives you in return. Based on the sticky situation and many WTF! situation that will surprise you in your journey, here are some insightful tips for women to travel solo and safe.

    Get a local sim card with data

    It is always best to pick a local sim card on your arrival to your destination. It helps you to stay connected and helps you navigate the nearest hospital, embassy, local police station etc. It also acts as an extra means of connectivity apart from you own sim card.


    Have easy access to a weapon

    Carry a small portable weapon always. May be a taser weapon or a Swiss knife. Keep it in a place from where you can access it easily at the time of any unfortunate situation. Also pepper spray and red chilly powder are the default option, but at the same time every woman should be well versed with some basic moves of kicks and punches. Be fearless, be bold.


    Keep a diary of the important contact number handy

    Before setting on for a journey, updated yourself with the important contact numbers such as the local police, hospitals, important numbers of your family and friends. Carry a diary so that any technical interruption will not keep you away from contacting anyone.

    Dress conservatively

    I am all for freedom of wearing what I like! but let’s face it, if you’re wearing a short dress or tight shorts in a foreign land your inviting trouble for yourself. It is always better to stay covered as much as you can rather dress appropriately. Rather then seeking attention, soak yourself in the splendour of nature.

    Stay sober

    Whatever your drug of choice, it’s best to stay sober as you travel. This is not just important for being alert but also for your judgement. Judgement is compromised by alcohol and drugs.

     Understand the city transit system

    Riding public transit is a great way to get to know a city and its culture. But, before you go, know how safe it is, how much the fares are and how they are paid, whether a pass is a good idea and possibly the basic routes you’ll be taking.

     This is a short list of tips for  your safety on your solo travel, which will make you pack your bags and get set go, enjoy the solo trip you planed for yourself.



  • 6 Tips for Perfect Mindset for a Summer Perfect Body

    How often do we really take care of the most important place we live in every day, every minute, from the time of birth, till the time of our death, it is no other place than our own body. Our body is the first place we live in, and we need to take care of it the most. Summers are here knocking on the doorstep, this time is the best time for vacation, fun and a lot of aspiration for the perfect summer body. Everyone around is aiming for that toned, lean body, perfect for beach. Well it should not only be about the summer body but, it should be more about a fit and a healthy body. Let me boost up your sprit to hustle with some quick tips for a summer perfect body.

    Eat right, Eat light

    Food is a major aspect of any fitness regime, it indeed plays a very crucial part. Fruits and vegetables adds a lot of value to the diet. With fruits and veggies, the body also needs right amount of proteins and nutrients. Eating right takes discipline and awareness. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat a cake, burger, vada pav, cookie, or potato chips. It means you are consistently putting healthy foods in your body. You will notice how much better you feel because you are eating healthy, clean and fresh. After a while you might not crave the junk food like you did before.

    Drink water

    Water is the major component of life and needless to say, you should drink enough water. Water helps in weight loss and helps in adding a radiant glow to your skin. The simple colourless and tasteless water has magical components to help your body become fit and healthy.

    Get Your heart pumping


    Regular exercise helps you achieve both physical and mental wellness. Make movement part of your life and exercise most days of the week. For cardio, aim for at least 20 minutes, every day for health; 30 to 45 minutes, five to six days per week for aerobic and fitness improvement. There’s no need to hit the gym hard everyday.


    Get Rest

    As your body needs exercise, it also needs rest. Make sure you provide it with plenty of rest. Don’t stay up late all the time partying. Get enough sleep. Your body needs time to recuperate and strengthen. Take rest as needed. Find a balance between having a good time, exercising, and resting. Your body will thank you and show beautiful results.

    Stop criticizing your body

    Quit on staring angrily at the flabs around your waist, don’t compare yourself with others. Rather run your own race and rejoice with the results. Don’t criticize your skin rather love yourself and work towards your desired goals.

    Kindle the fire of your spirit and boost your mind set with the right energy and you are halfway through for that perfect summer body.


  • Satisfy your book craving with 5 best book cafes in Mumbai

    Books, hot streaming cup of coffee/tea and the silence reading in this confined comfort is such a bliss. In the world of technology, the books are now digital screens, pdf and so on, but there is something about the feel of paper between the fingers which is hard to replicate. There is something magical about the essence of books and the coffee isn’t it? These book cafes lie exactly between noisy coffee shops and extremely silent libraries. Here is the list of 5 best book cafes which show how coffee and books go best together.

    Kitab Khana, (Fort)

    This place is probably paradise for readers and coffee lovers. This place indulges you in the whole different world of books. The antique interior has contributed to the popularity of this quaint bookstore and is accompanied by the fragrance that is typical of new, untouched books waiting to be explored. The comfortable seating allows readers to prop up with a book of their choosing while they bite into their favourite treats!

    Leaping Windows, (Andheri)

    A heaven for comic lovers, with favourite food to munch on, Leaping Windows is situated in Versova. This cafe encased within a library is something out of a dream, with comfy bean bags and mattresses, allows you to immerse yourself in the world of comics to lift your spirit. This café includes a delectable menu which adds a further impetus to the peaceful atmosphere! And their Nutella Pancakes are to watch out for!


    Title Waves, (Bandra)

    Title Waves is Mumbai’s first, boutique book store and is attached to a cafe called Di Bella. This is undoubtedly an amazing place to lounge in for hours in the company of silence and peace, by substituting friends with books along with a cup of coffee is an ultimate feeling for a book lover.

    Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore, (Churchgate)

    One of the famous bookstores in Mumbai, it is also a house that allows you a reprieve from every day. With a wide range of books to browse through, you can pick your favourites and unwind in the relaxing café which provides several refreshments that will add a delightful taste to your reading experience!

    Neighbourhood Book Café (Kopar Khairane,Navi Mumbai)

    The Neighbourhood Book Cafe is a must visit for all the book lovers. With an impressive range of books, the place offers coffee and brownies to all the readers and one can indulge in for hours together relishing the flavour of books and the aroma of hot coffee.

    When you get the dual craving of caffeine and books, you know where to head with this small list of amazing book cafes in Mumbai.



  • Top 5 summer foods help you beat the scorching sun

    Do you have sweaty and dehydrated sunny mornings? Seems like the heat wave is wiping off all our energy this summers. The scorching heat and the boiling sun, makes it feel like a living hell. But some tiny lifestyle changes and some healthy summer food will surly help us shield ourselves to beat the heat. Here is the list that might help you in the selection of some healthy cool foods to keep you chilled in the hot burning summers.


    You probably know curd is one of the best players to beat the heat. Having it just by itself or with some sugar or honey (this pops up to be a healthier option), with fruits or salads. Also, curd has some extremely valuable benefits, curd is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. All this health recipes with curd will help you be chilled in the summer heat.



    Drinking buttermilk is the best if you are on embarking a journey of weight loss or the ideal summer body. Buttermilk provide your body with the required probiotics, minerals and vitamins that might be lost due to excessive sweating. It is best to have it fresh, right when it is churned with cooling food items like coriander leaves, mint leaves and cumin powder. Buttermilk is the best hydrator.


    Chia seeds

    Chia seeds are not only a great gluten-free source of fibre, boasting 6g of fibre per 1 tbsp serving but they’re a natural, vegan source of complete protein. High fibre content and its ability to reduce blood sugar levels after meals inhibits appetite, making it the perfect food for healthy, effective weight loss. It is a super hydrating food in the crazy summer.


    Coconut water


    When it comes to cooling your body at instant, the handiest natural energizer is coconut water. You can find it at every other corner and by the roadside in summers the stalls rather multiply. Best natural hydrator with essential minerals, it also replenishes all the nutrients your body loses after sweating. Coconut water also has cancer fighting, anti-ageing properties also benefits in the weight loss.




    As it is said mango is the king of fruits, but watermelon is the king or summer. Watermelon is mostly water about 92% of it is water. It is a fruit soaked in nutrients, vitamins also help in weight loss. Naturally sweet, hydrating, full of antioxidants. It is the best refreshing fruit.


    Make these list  of summer cool foods, part of your daily lifestyle and stay cool when the world is burning hot.

  • Best 5 ice cream parlours in Mumbai, at your rescue this summer


    Temperature is at its peak, so how do you think Mumbaikars beat the heat in the hot boiling summers. All we do is dive into the scoop of yummy chilling ice creams. Mumbai has some old, yet best famous ice cream parlours, you can vouch on to beat the summers. Welcome this blast of hot summers with the best ice cream parlours in Mumbai.


    K Rustom ice cream parlours

    K Rustom the Iranian ice cream parlour almost half a decade old and located in the heart of Churchgate is one of the famous ice cream spots of Mumbai. There speciality of tempting handmade ice cream sandwiches are to die for. They have adapted the flavours with the changing time. The best recommended flavours are Pineapple, Mango, Rum and raisins, Peach Choco Nut and Walnut Crunch and many more.


    Badshah’s Faloodas

    This place is a landmark in hustle of the city market and is the most renowned place for the best Royal faloodas in the city. A typical food order at Badshah includes its buttery pav bhaji, followed by the famous faloodas. Highly recommended flavours include strawberry, mango, and malai kulfi falooda.



    Haji Ali Juice Centre

    Haji Ali Juice Centre is famous fast food joints in Mumbai. Opened in the early 1960′s and since then has been an all-time favourite for Mumbaikar’s. They have been serving some delectable ice cream which are worth dying for and with the beautiful view of Haji Ali Dargah.



    New Kulfi Centre

    Bang opposite to the cities iconic spot Chowpatty is this very old yet, called New Kulfi Centre is one of the famous ice cream stalls in Mumbai. The weekdays are buzzing with people in the small stall and on the holidays it’s a flood of people. At times you need to wait in for you turn to arrive.



    Apsara ice cream

    Apsara Ice Cream parlour has been serving delicious  handmade ice cream since 1971. The ice creams here contain no preservatives or artificial flavouring and can be carried anywhere across the world in their special dry ice containers. This 36-year-old parlour has come a long way in terms of development of flavour. It is a must have when you are in Mumbai.




  • Finally Confirmed! Drum roll please, for Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja wedding on 8TH May

    The forever dazzling fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor was in news for quite a while with the launch of her upcoming movie trailer ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and for the rumoured news about her wedding. Well, the news is being finally confirmed by the Kapoor family. Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are getting married on May 8th. Both the families have given the confirmation on this news.

    Anand Ahuja is a Delhi based businessman who owns the multi-brand sneaker boutique VegNonVeg. He is also the CEO/Founder of Bhane, an apparel brand. Sonam was never vocal about this relationship in public but, posting pictures and stories on social media and getting spotted together with Anand Ahuja, was hinting the world on this news.

    The news about this wedding was floating in the air with different rumours about it being a, destination wedding, and so on but, the news was confirmed by both the families very recently. The reports also say, the sangeet preparations has already began at the Kapoor residency, sources also say Anil Kapoor and his wife Sunita Kapoor with her cousins will be performing at the sangeet. Adding to the fun, Sonam is also expected to perform on her hit songs.

    Sonam and her star-studded family are well known in the industry and it is only obvious that the wedding will be attended by the who’s who of Bollywood. Sonam and Anil Kapoor both were asked about the wedding details, but reply from both was very much the same, stating that everyone will know everything in due time. Speculations were already made, after pictures of Sonam’s residence getting decorated were seen everywhere on social media. Various celebrities were also spotted at the Kapoor residence and this sparked rumours even further.

    Sonam told a Dubai-based portal, The National, that she would ‘rather give the money away’ than spending it on lavish weddings. She also said that the idea of marriage is ‘more appealing’ to her than the wedding itself. She said, “I’d rather have a wedding at home than anywhere else. I think it’s important to do all the rituals, but I don’t believe in spending all that money, I find it disgusting and very wasteful, and I’m not okay with that at all.”

    Finally, the most awaited day 8Th May is a few days away, and this calls for a huge celebration in Bollywood as well as for both the families.

  • Top 7 annoying things people do on Social Media

    We all are busy uploading the minutest details of our lives on the social media from cryptic status updates to baby spam. Here are the top eight annoying things that people do on social media site that drive us crazy.

    • Profile Pictures and Filters:

    An app launched its Lenses feature in 2015, social media users couldn’t stop adding face filters to their profile pictures ever since. Whether it’s deer ears and nose, a halo of butterflies, dog tongue, filtered photos can be seen flooding most people’s feed. But while the filters may do you good, seeing them on social media sites can get irritating.
    Image Filters

    • Posting Overly Lovey-Dovey Posts for Your Partner:

    Nowadays, showing love in person has become outdated and couples clog up your newsfeed with over-sharing comments, loving statuses and photos. Instead of expressing it in person, they feel this weird urge to share it on a public platform to seek attention. According to experts, couples that express more on social media may actually be hiding their relationship insecurities.
    Use of Emojis in messages & Pictures

    • Asking Obvious Questions That Can Be Answered Easily On Search Engines:

    Asking obvious questions like what’s the weather going to be like today, what time does a store open or close, How far is so and so destination, etc. A search engine can answer these questions easily if we made an effort to go through them. In fact in 2008, a user got irritated by people asking such questions that he started a website called Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY)- a sarcastic website for all those who find it easier to post on their walls that Google it themselves.
    Obvious Questions
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    • Baby Spamming:

    Major life events when posted on social media like getting married, announcing your pregnancy, giving birth to your baby, may be worth posting on social media. But day-to-day activities of your babies might seem amusing to you but everyone does not agree. Sharing details like what food your baby had, their sleeping pattern, their first word, first step, first month birthday are extremely annoying. Even the child might not appreciate once he/she grows up to be an adult that his/her entire life was documented publicly on social media.
    Baby Crying

    • Posting Photos or Tagging Yourself Every time You Hit the Gym:

    Going to the gym makes you feel great and helps you keep your body on point, that’s great, but there is no need to check-in or upload a photo every time you go. Its good to click your pictures to keep a track of your progress, but these should be only for your reference. Most of the gym posts would include the captions like ‘summer bod on the way’, ‘Abs ready for beach holiday’, seriously irritating to the core and worse making other people guilty of not going to the gym and looking a certain way.
    Gym Selfies

    • Sending Game Requests:

    In the current scenario we have access to a lot of free games available at the play store like Candy Crush and Farmville. Most of us enjoy playing these games to the point that they eat sleep drink and do everything while playing these games only. But not everyone is an online game buff. Sometime or the other, each one of us must have received requests for life or some other booster disguised as a message from your friend. Thankfully, we can stop the game invitations without actually deleting that friend, thank God for that!
    Game Request

    • Posting Attention-Seeking Status Updates:

    We all have certain people in our friend list who like to post very cryptic and attention-seeking posts very vague like ‘Do Not Disturb’, Worst Day Ever’, or still better ‘I don’t understand why are some people so selfish’, following with comments like ‘Hey! What’s wrong?’ or ‘hope everything is fine with you’ then they say that they don’t want to discuss. If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t post vague status on social media just to feel important.
    Attention seeking updates

    Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

  • Bollywood comes to Navi Mumbai for Popular Movies

    Let’s play a little game. I say a word and you say the first word that comes in your mind. Ready? Let’s go. Bollywood.

    Let me guess your answer. Dancing around trees. Shah Rukh Khan. Red sarees. Dancing in the swiss alps. Racing around big cars in Dubai’s broad roads. And even singing in the canals of Europe.

    I’m right? Aren’t I? I knew it! Bollywood has taken us along great journeys in the picturesque locales of Switzerland, Europe, America and even Spain! But while outdoor shooting locations usually mean another country, there are certain special locations that are a hot favourite place amongst directors and boy are they really close to us! I’m talking about Navi Mumbai!

    Yes, Navi Mumbai, really has featured in several movies and in many cases is the ideal location for pivotal scenes. Don’t believe me? Come along for a quick movie tour with me!

    Old Vashi bridge

    Vashi Bridge
    Vashi! Our famous Vashi was in one of the biggest blockbuster movies ever! Aashiqui 2 had its most heart-wrenching scene shot here – Aditya Roy Kapoor’s suicide scene. I’m sure a couple of us recognized the location when we saw the scene, but for those who didn’t you sure want to see it on screen again, don’t you?

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    Central Park, Kharghar

    Central Park Kharghar

    Kharghar is known for its wide roads and clean surroundings, and also the imposing green hills. Needless to say, it has been captured on screen several times and most recently the Utsav Chowk is even visible in the Irfan Khan hit movie, Blackmail. Blackmail, in fact, had many scenes shot in Navi Mumbai. From the drop of the ransom in Raghuleela Mall, Vashi to the under-construction Metro bridge of Kharghar, you’ll go jumping up and down every time you see your beautiful city on the big screen.

    Palm Beach Road

    I know you’re all going ‘Welcome’! Welcome had one of its most hilarious and important action scenes shot on the long and isolated stretch of Palm Beach Road. You can even see the iconic triangular shaped buildings towards the end of the sequence as the Palm Beach Road touches Belapur.

    Mini-Sea Shore, Belapur

    Now this might surprise many people, but a sequence from this film was shot in Fortis Hospital which is located right next to mini sea shore. I’m sure a lot of people missed this.

    Now that you know so many popular movies have been shot in your favourite Navi Mumbai, aren’t you feeling a wee bit proud of your home city? I sure am!