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  • Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume

    If you haven’t figured what you wanna wear for Halloween, then we have top 5 last minute easy Halloween costume for you.

    1. Party Animal
    Image Credits: Good House Keeping.com

    All you need is the mask of your favorite animal and some party props, such as a party hat, a whistle and some glitter and you are all set with your party animal costume.


    1. The Mummy
    Image Credits: Good House Keeping.com

    You need to dress in something white and ask your girlfriend to wrap you in toilet paper and colour your eyes with some kajal. This would be just perfect.


    1. The Retro Airhostess
    Image Credits: Good House Keeping.com

    If you have a solid shift dress and a colorful scarf you are good to go. To add that little extra touch to your outfit you can have the winged eyeliner and a pillbox cap to complete your look.


    1. Sia
    Image Credits: Good House keeping.com

    If you have an any black and white outfit, all you need is her typical two toned wig, which is available online and you would look like her twin.


    1. Error
    Image Credits: Pinterest

    This cannot be defined as a costume, but is the best option, when you don’t have time to get ready. All you need is a white tshirt or rather any colour tshirt and a black marker.

    All you have to write is “ERROR 404 Costume not Found” and you have a costume ready.



  • 5 Detox foods to have post this Festive Season

    Overdosed on unhealthy foods this festive season and need to detox?Well, here we have a list of detox foods that are easily available and are pocket friendly too.

    Here are the top 5 detox foods:

    1. Sugarcane:

    Sugarcane, Detox food, cheap detox food, detox food easily available, detox post festive eating, sugarcane is healthy, top 5 detox foods easily available
    Image Credits: StyleCraze

    Sugarcane consumed in the form is good for your liver. It instantly starts detoxing your liver and rejuvenates it. A glass or two of sugarcane juice everyday will help undo the damage caused due to the excess alcohol.

    2. Lemon:

    Lemon, Detox food, cheap detox food, detox food easily available, detox post festive eating, lemon is healthy, top 5 detox foods easily available
    Image Credits: Your Local Fruit Shop

    Lemon is rich in vitamin c and a glass of warm water with the juice of lemon consumed every morning, helps flush out toxins stored in the body. This is one of the most famous ways of detoxing.

    3. Turmeric:

    Turmeric, healthy turmeric, ayuverdic turmeric, Detox food, cheap detox food, detox food easily available, detox post festive eating, ginger is healthy, top 5 detox foods easily available
    Image Credits: Organic Facts

    One of the oldest herbs known to Ayurveda is turmeric, its healing properties are well known. A glass of turmeric mixed with warm milk should be consumed everyday, to keep infections at bay.

    4. Beetroot:

    Betroot, healthy beetroot, Detox food, cheap detox food, detox food easily available, detox post festive eating, ginger is healthy, top 5 detox foods easily available
    Image Credits: Healthline

    This vegetable can be had raw, boiled or in the form of a salad or juice. It helps in purifying blood and keeps your heart healthy.

    5. Ginger:

    Ginger, Detox food, cheap detox food, detox food easily available, detox post festive eating, ginger is healthy, top 5 detox foods easily available
    Image Credits: Ridge Times

    Ginger consumed raw or even with tea helps in curing that nasty cold. It also aids in digestions and increases your metabolism.

  • What’s your Weekend plan?

    Say OK-TO-BEER this weekend! The Famous Oktober fest celebrated in Germany is now being celebrated in Navi Mumbai too. Brew House Café in Belapur is celebrating the Oktober fest all weekend starting today.

    If you love beer and anything and everything that has go to do with Beer, then you have to be here. From Beer chugging to amazing live acoustic music sets to art workshops, flea market and plenty of Beer games, they have it all.

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    Image credits: Brew House Cafe

    The OK-TO-BEER Fest will start today and run for the next two days, if you are around Navi Mumbai, you should drop by as they have different events planned through the weekend.

    Having that one glass of chilled Beer and forget your past week frustrations and problems, I assure you,so I hope to see you at the Brew House café and don’t forget to bring those Beer Bellies along!

  • Get Fit this Diwali!

    If you think you have gained a few extra kilos and may not fit into that beautiful dress for Diwali, well then, I have good news for you. Get fit this Diwali.

    Lose weight in 8 days and fit into your dress perfectly. All you need is a week of dedication. The right food and little exercise should help you shed those few extra kilos.

    The first and foremost thing you need to do is start your day with a glass of warm water, some lime juice and a spoon of honey. This will help your body to kickstart its metabolism as well as help you detox.

    For Breakfast: Two egg whites, with 2 slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of milk. For Vegetarians, you can have poha or upma and some fruit instead of eggs.

    Brunch: A single fruit or vegetable should be consumed.

    Lunch: Half bowl or rice or chapatis, a bowl of dal and a fish or slice of chicken should give you enough proteins to get you through the day. For the vegetarians you can substitute the chicken with Paneer

    Evening Snack:  A cup of green tea and 2 -3 cracker biscuits, should be just fine

    Dinner: It should ideally be had 3 hours before bed. A light soup or salad along with a chapatti or small bowl of rice with a small portion of boiled vegetables.

    Before you go to sleep, remember to have a glass of warm water.

  • Even Dogs have the Right to Live

    Quite often we do see an animal lying dead in the middle of the road or on a side, dead. Cars and trucks just running over the lifeless body. At times some stray dogs manage to survive their first hit, however find it difficult to move as either of their limbs are fractured or injured and especially at night, when most of the street lights aren’t working, these poor souls get run over multiple times, causing any little life left in them to leave the body.

    Recently five street dogs were killed in such hit and run cases in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. A Kharghar activist Monu Pal, along with other animal lovers chose to start an initiative to save the lives of these poor speechless beings.

    They attached reflector collars around the necks of almost 150 stray dogs. This would ensure that the vehicle driver could see them from a distance and hence avoid them from getting killed on and reduce people conveniently blaming the lack of street lights rather than their rash and irresponsible driving.

    Animals too have equal rights to live as we humans do, their lack of voicing their opinions does not reduce their right to live. Animal activists in Kharghar have proved this by this beautiful and considerate gesture.

  • Enjoy Your Favorite Fries and Pastries now in Kharghar

    If you are having a bad day or even a good day, one of the best ways to make your day amazing is by treating your taste buds with yummylicious food. If you are in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai then you are in for a treat or rather your tongue is in for a treat. Kharghar gets their own The J Fries and Love Sugar Dough (LSD) outlets near ITM.

    the J fries

    You have a wide range of café and joints to explore but one of my favourites is in the ITM and NIFT lane. You have The J and Love Sugar Dough(LSD) side by side. You can treat yourself with yummy fries. They serve fries in 18 different styles as well as, they let you make your own fries. The milkshakes here have the best and craziest combinations. If you ever are in or happen to pass Kharghar, you should definitely have a pit stop here.

    Even if this doesn’t brighten up your day the you can add the sinful cakes and pastries from LSD to your food cart. These will definitely put that ear to ear smile on your face. I personally believe that they should change the “S for Sugar” in their name to “S for Sinful”, coz they certainly are.

    So what are you waiting?? Go have your favourite fries today!!