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  • Want to be more productive at work? Practice these tricks until you get perfect.

    We all want to do more and we all wish we had more time. But guess what? If you had more time you really wouldn’t be doing more. You’d be procrastinating more. However, if you really do want to be more productive, here are some simple tricks to get more from your day.

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    1. Make your bed

    Making your bed the first thing in the morning sets the momentum on a high. A simple task, the moment you do it and see a clean bed, you get a sense of instant gratification. This sets the ball rolling for the rest of the day to make you more productive.

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    1. Take 5

    Do you look at your phone the moment you wake up? Wait, don’t answer. We already know. Take 5 minutes every day when you wake to meditate. Now meditating doesn’t mean you need to chant and think nothing. Just sit up, count your breaths, repeat it for 5 minutes. Focus. It’s just 5 minutes. And then a whole day of being more productive.

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    1. Start with the toughest task

    You are your best version in the morning hours of the day. So, use these hours for the big projects. Keep the daily jobs for later, start your morning with tasks that can use a fresh mind. This is you telling your mind to be more productive.

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    1. Don’t say yes

    Often, we tend to say yes to every request that comes our way. If you do this, you will end up with lesser time for things you are meant to give 100%. So, as much as you want to help. Hold that though. Check your tasks and see if you can accommodate it in your schedule realistically. Be more productive, don’t be a machine.

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    1. Write down your tasks/thoughts

    Write. Write. Write. What writing does is it converts your thoughts that only exist in your mind into things that exist in the real world. This gets you doing more and utilizing your time in the best manner possible. Also, the best ideas are fleeting thoughts, so writing it down is the best shot at documenting it.

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    1. End your day on a high

    As the day comes to an end, all of us literally pour ourselves into our beds after checking our phones. Stop. Take out a piece of paper and write down 5 things you did right in the day. Commending yourself on tasks done well makes you want to look forward to the next day and gives you a peaceful night. See how you get more productive each day with these hacks.


  • Countering crime, in a day! Vashi police nab station hawker attackers.

    Navi Mumbai has always been leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. And so are the Navi Mumbai police! Just a couple of hours after the attack on hawkers outside Vashi railway station, Navi Mumbai police have arrested the attackers. MNS Chief, Raj Thackeray held a rally in South Mumbai soon after the tragic event at Elphinstone Road, earlier this month. After the death of 23 people at the Elphinstone Road Station, the MNS party believes that the hawkers were responsible for the stampede. The party has since, taken it upon themselves to rid the city and its stations of hawkers. While it’s not entirely a bad idea to have more airy exits and entrances to stations, the approach they took was questionable. However, it’s not out of the ordinary for them to take a violent approach for this task.

    The Crime:

    It is reported that on Sunday (29th October) evening, a group of 10-15 MNS workers, adorning the MNS colours around their necks stormed the station complex and started to vandalize the stalls set up outside the station. Some of the hawkers who refused to shut their shops were also beaten up and their goods were kicked about.

    Picture credits: Local Press Co

    The Action:

    The Vashi Police swiftly sprang into action and arrested Shrikant Mane, Sandesh Dongre, Sanprit Tumrekar, Swapnil Gadge and Sagar Naikare on Monday, who were later released on bail. But this rapid act by Vashi Police will work as a deterrent for criminals and is a heavy reminder for those who were caught. Kudos to the police! While the question of the hawkers arises, there must be better ways to deal with them. And those outside the spacious Vashi Railway Station are hardly a hindrance. What do you think? What do you think would be the right way to deal with the hawker menace in most stations?

  • Urban gardening? Yes! Move the garden inside and grow herbs at home.

    Are you always cribbing about how tiny your house is? How you always wished you had a garden? Do you dream of growing your own veggies and herbs? If you’re nodding yes to all these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. We are all about going organic but not so much about deep pockets. So, we’ve come up with a solution – grow herbs and veggies in your home. Here’s what you’ll need to do get started:

    1. Type of containers
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    So, you don’t have a big balcony for those huge clay pots? No problem! Try picking the right kinds of containers – either they are repurposed plastic bottles, deep tin pans or even colourful mason jars. Remember they must be sturdy enough to hold soil and water in them. And of course, the plant itself. Yes, you want to grow herbs, but you want them healthy and strong don’t you?

    1. Choose the windows
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    Does your kitchen window get more sunlight than the main balcony? Understand which plants need what kind of sunlight exposure and place them accordingly. Too much sun isn’t always a good thing. Make a mental note of that before you grow herbs at home.

    1. Pick the plants
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    Not all plants are great for indoor growth, so don’t go about planting any seed that you come across. Want to grow herbs and veggies that are healthy? Pick the right ones. The best veggies to grow at home are spring onions, potatoes, garlic, mint, broad beans, tomatoes and even beetroots. That’s a lot to start with, isn’t it?

    1. Water wars
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    Watering your plants is essential for their survival. But over watering can lead to an ill fate. So, make sure that the plants are well watered, and the soil is aerated again and again to make sure it’s not drying out. Also remember to leave holes at the bottom so that excess water flows out, and you grow healthy plants.

    1. Soil care
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    It’s not a must to add fertilizers to your soil. But sometimes when the soil dries out (and you’ll see this with a loss of a plant), you will need to either completely replace the soil or add fertilizers to it. To grow herbs and veggies it’s a must that the soil is just right.




  • Netflix picks for the lazy searchers. Don’t search, watch!

    For those of you who lounge about all day binge watching shows and movies on Netflix, you know there is a great deal of searching involved. For the busy ones who don’t have the time to search; leave the Netflix searches to us. Check out this short list of movies that you can watch over the next weekend.

    1. Where The Heart Is
    Picture credits: Yesmovies


    This Natalie Portman movie is the stuff that makes you tear up and root for the lead character. Ladies, this heart-warming movie is exactly what you need to start off your movie marathon with. Netflix searches can yield great results if you know what you’re searching for.

    1. Okja
    Picture credits: YouTube

    This Korean drama will leave you feeling so disturbed that you will start to question major life decisions. Okja is a thrilling and entertaining, yet hard-hitting journey that will be the best Netflix search ever.

    1. Hush
    Picture credits: Movie forums

    An edge of the seat thriller, Hush will leave you wanting more. If only there would be more such results at the end of these Netflix searches. But we’ll do the tough job, you get the popcorn started.

    1. Blue Valentine
    Picture credits: Vimeo

    In case you haven’t seen this one, you must! A romantic movie with a side of reality, this movie is the kinds that says – ‘art imitates life’. Who knew you’d find cult classics on random Netflix searches?

    1. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    Picture credits: Miramax

    Have you ever watched a movie that makes you cry yourself to sleep? If not, watch this. We don’t intend to make you cry but we do intend to stir you up emotionally with this soulful drama. So, you see, Netflix searches aren’t that bad. If you can’t search them, we will. All you need to do is get comfortable, turn off your phones and maybe order some pizza?

  • Hidden Food Gems Of Navi Mumbai

    Navi Mumbai is that treasure trove that the state deserves. However, one place that Navi Mumbai is playing catch-up with Mumbai, is the food scene. But Navi Mumbai houses some great hidden cafés. Luckily, we go to great lengths to find food that we love. Here’s a list of some hidden cafes around Navi Mumbai that you must try:

    1. Zazie Bistro & Grill
    Picture credits: Zomato

    Completely hidden from the public, on the ground floor of Satra Plaza Vashi, this is the only cafe in Navi Mumbai that serves Parsi Food. A great Parsi vibe, as well as delectable food makes it to the top of our list. And for those who don’t want Parsi (Why though?), they even do continental and Italian. Who knew such cafes around Navi Mumbai before?

    1. Sailor’s Café
    Picture credits: Zomato

    In the back roads of Belapur, this café is a family run place with a good mix of Continental and fast food. The location of the café makes it even better since it over-looks a lush green walkway and the dock. Sailor’s Café does a yum coffee and scrumptious nachos. Make a quick stop here next time.

    1. Café Bombay Diaries
    Picture credits: Zomato

    Quite a name, you say? Well, the café lives up to it. A café with a story is exactly what this city needs. The café is done up artistically and has their own little reading corner, where you can grab a book and enjoy your solitude. It also houses board games and a small menu that whips up great breakfast and teas. Do try. Don’t get confused by the name, this exists in Navi Mumbai.

    1. Mama Pondo Asian Café
    Picture credits: Zomato

    We desperately needed an Asian eatery in Nerul and here we are! Located right off Palm Beach Road, this little cafe is anything but little. It serves up some great Asian food with rather amusing serving techniques and plating up designs. But most of all, the food is enjoyable and comes at a decent price. Must feature is a list for cafes around Navi Mumbai.

    1. Roasted Beans Café
    Picture credits: Zomato

    You might miss this place while driving down the ‘pub road’ in Belapur. At the far end of the road, this café is done up well and has a rather gastro-pub vibe. However, they don’t do drinks, what they do is mouth-watering food. Try their Triple Decker Garlic Bread and be warned, you need to have this on an empty stomach. Also, did we say freakshakes? Yep!