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  • Be a Secret Santa and in turn dunk yourself in an exciting party!

    What? What? What?

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    Yeah! You heard that right!

    What is Secret Santa??

    Mostly popular in the corporate world, it is a fun activity of being somebody’s Santa Claus but is kept a secret. You share clues on the gift to help the receiver decode who the giver is.

    But this year Secret Santa comes for the ones who really need it.

    Father Agnel Bal Bhawan Ashram, is a trust which provides shelter to the less fortunate kids along with all basic necessities. It also provides education till Class 10th through Agnel fund and from fund donated by people who really are Secret Santas in disguise. One of the Secret Santa this year plans to do something different. It wants to make you a Secret Santa for these kids.

    But how?

    With a charity event. A 90 minute Zumba masterclass with 24 licensed Zumba instructors.

    Hang on! Don’t you wanna know what more is in store for you?

    An absolutely rocking dance party cum fitness party, Christmas party, Charity, 90 minutes of laughter, music, dance, happiness, fun cum blessings and the joy of knowing that you have contributed in giving someone a better life!

    I believe this is a lot more than you imagined! YES!

    When: 22nd Dec, 2017, 6 PM – 8 PM
    Where: Shree Lohana Samaj Hall Shree Lohana Bhavan, Kopar Khairane Navi Mumbai


    There is hardly time, people! You don’t wanna miss it for anything, no. Open your heart to those who need it the most, and we are sure it will come back to you in multiples.

    Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • 5 Cakeries that will rock your Christmas this year!

    With Christmas just around the corner, Navi Mumbai is all geared up to feed the sweet teeth around with assortments of chocolates, cakes and everything sweet! Its Christmas after all!

    These 5 cake shops in Navi Mumbai are going all out on making their shops as Christmassy and as diverse in flavours as possible.

    christmas cakes

    Ribbons and Balloons for the holidays!
    Popular cake outlets like Ribbons and Balloons are working on serving a selection of treats, Christmas plum cakes, and a wide range of other desserts as well, from plain sponges to chocolate truffles.

    Wine Cakes anyone?
    If you love your wine & cake, head to Sanpada’s Superb Line Bakery and Pastry. It serves some amazing wine plum cakes that are just out of the world! You will also find a range of other Christmas treats like plain plum cakes, lava cakes, mawa cakes and date and walnut cakes that are equally popular.

    Your kinda cake!
    Place your order well in advance at Cakes and Scoops, Nerul, for customized cakes. The cakes are made to order and offer a variety of fillings right from seasonal fruits to dry fruits. Besides, you should also try out their traditional Italian Cassata and Christmas cakes.

    Kolkata is in town!
    The very popular cake chain joint of Kolkata, Flury’s, has come to Navi Mumbai at Seawoods and Vashi’s Inorbit Mall. Don’t miss out on their famous plum cakes and rum balls. Yummm! They also serve an array of tortes, cakes, pastries and mousses. For the spice lovers, you should definitely try out their chicken and mutton patties.

    Our age-old favourite cakery – Monginis
    Monginis has rolled out a wonderful array of plum cakes, chocolates and what nots that are strictly Christmassy! Ding into Dundee cake, plum cake, rich plum cake and apricot honey that are some of their popular takeaways. These will be available in stores very soon.
    A little indulgence and a lot of care will keep your health at pink. Enjoy the Christmas spirit with treats that are especially designed for the season. After all, it won’t be Christmas every day!

  • Fire breaks out in Turbhe’s pharma plant after a blast, 7 injured

    Fire in turbhe, thurbe fire in pharma plant, turbhe fire in chemical factory
    Image Credit: Times Of India

    A significant fire broke out in a pharmaceutical plant in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai on Sunday evening after a blast in a reactor. The flames from the reactor caused injuries to seven labourers working at the plant at that point in time.

    It took more than 15 fire motors from Turbhe MIDC, Vashi, Nerul, CBD fire stations, and Pawane MIDC Emergency Response station and 4 hours to douse the fire. The fire was finally brought under control at around 9 pm. There were around 50 workers in the second shift at the time of the blast.The injured laborers have been admitted to NMMC doctor’s facility in Vashi. The blast took place in a reactor at the plant due to exorbitant pressure created in the vessel when the chemical reaction with solvents was in progress.

    The solvent drums added as fuel to the fire and spread to the nearby building which stored around 250 barrels of various chemical solvents. Sunil Patil, an operator at the plant’s production department, said, “Upon hearing an explosion like a bomb blast, all the workers rushed out immediately. There were repeated blasts as the solvent drums exploded one after the other.”

    A worker suggested that spraying water to douse the fire would be useless as it does not douse solvents like mythylene dichloride, toluene, ethyl acetate and methanol stored in huge quantities in the factory. Spraying foam would be the only solution to this,

    Vashi fire brigade’s assistant station officer, Vivek Mhatre, said, “Four workers were trapped inside the plant as they were injured in the blast, but fortunately, they were rescued before the fire engulfed the factory. Initially, we used water to extinguish the fire, but it was ineffective on the chemical solvents. Hence, we started spraying foam which helped get the fire under control.”

  • Do the Coachella in India – December Music Festival with Time Out 72

    If you are a music freak and love the idea of music festivals, then you must be aware of Coachella. For all those who are wondering what it is, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella or Coachella Festival) is a music and arts festival held every year at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, which is located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley, in the Colorado Desert.

    Wondering why I am talking about a far away festival when the holiday season is right outside the door? Well, there is a reason. How about a Coachella, right here in India?

    Ahhhhhhh! I can hear the screams! If not California and if you are still wondering what to do this New Year, the quickest would be to head tow Goaaaaaaa! Yes! Time Out 72 is India’s answer to Coachella…in GOA!

    Go Goa!
    We all know that there is no other place like Goa in India to celebrate the New Year, and it is definitely the best time to be there amongst the intoxicating beaches and cult shacks. Time Out 72 music festival is going to be the twist in the celebrations this year with insane beats and mind-blowing parties organized by Water Lemon Events LLP and Sudarshan Entertainment World LLP. Of course, if would not have been possible without the support of the Government of Goa.

    This 3-day long Multi-Genre Music Fiesta begins on 27th until 29th December 2017 and will rock the gorgeous Vagator in Goa.

    What to expect
    A crazy line up of all genres of music including Pop, EDM, Rock, Indie and even Bollywood music to get you high on beats, Besides, stay in camps, explore the flea markets and after parties for complete satisfaction. You may even have the chance to take a backstage tour, get cool merchandises and meet the talented artists.

    Tickets & Specials
    The passes are out. Hurry! Get them before they are gone. Avail special vouchers or discounts on booking early. What’s special? Well, one of them is a welcome BEER! Check out the below link for more details on the specials.

    Rounding it up!
    When: December 27, 28 and 29.
    Where: Vagator, Goa.
    Phone: +91 91370 06006

    Book your tickets here: https://goo.gl/Lyh4Xd


  • Sagar Vihar – A perfect spot to unwind in Navi Mumbai

    Located at just 3 km from Vashi at Sector 8, Navi Mumbai, Sagar Vihar is very popular amongst locals. It is a mini seashore with a beach where you will love to jog, take a walk or simply enjoy quiet moments at sundown. The beach is not an expansive stretch, nor does it see waves scattering over it. It is a charming water-body that offers the calmth of nature to refresh your mind.

    The Garden and Flamingoes

    Image Credit: Tripadvisor











    Sagar Vihar Garden was formerly known as Veer Savarkar Udyan and faces the Vashi Creek. The garden is neatly done with multiple varieties of flowering plants and trimmed grass, where people love to watch life pass by as they take a break. Photographers love this spot as the sunset is truly intriguing. The view of the Mankhurd bridge and beautiful pink flamingoes make the visit worthwhile on early mornings.

    Lonely or serene?

    Image credit: Tripadvisor

    Some find this spot a little aloof while other find it serene. Couples find it a suitable place to spend quality time with each other. Benches are fixed in various spots at Sagar Vihar offering comfortable seating to visitors. Overall, a good spot to get away from the city madness and recoil in nature. Slowly gaining momentum with increasing number of visitors, vendors have opened street food stalls to feed hungry tummies.


    Weekends see a lot more people flocking Sagar Vihar to find their moment. With more locals crowding in to escape from routine, various activities like horse riding, boating, toy train etc, have been started to help people enjoy their evenings

    Although the spot is maintained very well, and trash cans being placed in every nook and corner, at times people litter the place which is a nuisance. It would be really helpful if citizens contributed towards keeping Navi Mumbai clean and made use of trash cans.

    Navi Mumbai is blessed with abundant nature. And Sagar Vihar is one such place which is its pride. Let’s enjoy the different shades of sunset and clean surroundings while still in the city.

  • Diwali Padwa – The fourth day of Diwali

    Let us take some time out to know the significance of Diwali Padwa / Gowardhan Pooja, which is the fourth day of Diwali.

    The fourth day of Diwali is Diwali Padwa or ‘Kartik Shuddh Padwa’ and ‘Gowardhan Puja’. It is said that only on this day, King Bali would come out of Pathal Loka to rule Bhulok, as per the boon granted by Lord Vishnu. It also marks the coronation of King Vikramaditya. Newly-married women are invited with their husbands to her parent’s home for special meals and gifts.

    Govardhan-Puja is mostly performed in North India. Govardhan is a small hillock in Braj, near Mathura. According to legends, Lord Krishna stopped the people of Gokul from celebrating a festival in the honour of Lord Indra, which resulted in Lord Indra’s wrath. He sent a deluge to submerge the entire village of Gokul. The people feared this destruction, however, little Krishna assured them that no harm would come to them. He lifted Mount Govardhan with his little finger to shelter people and animals from the rain. Indra later accepted the supremacy of Krishna and stopped the deluge. People of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar make hillocks with cow-dung, decorate them with flowers, and worship them.

    This day of Diwali is also observed as ‘Annakoot’, which means mountain of food. People keep awake the whole night to prepare 56 or 108 different types of food for the bhog (offering) to Lord Krishna. After the prayers and traditional worship numerous varieties of delicious sweets are ritually placed in the form of a mountain before the deities as “Bhog”, after which the devotees approach the mountain of food and take them in the form of prasad.

  • Dhanteras 2017 – Legends and Amazing Offers on Jewellery

    Dhanteras marks the first day of Diwali in India. Most of us flock jewellery and utensil shops, as it is considered very auspicious to buy a piece of precious metal on this day. It is said to fill your home with prosperity and success for the rest of the year. Lakshmi Pooja is done in the evening and people light ‘diyas’ to drive away evil spirits.

    Legends of Dhanteras
    One of the legends behind celebrating Dhanteras is that, the ocean was churned by Gods and demons to derive Amrut (nectar). During this process, Dhanvantari (known as physician of Gods and an embodiment of Lord Vishnu) emerged out from the ocean, holding a jar of nectar. This day is hence, celebrated as Dhanteras.

    Another story
    The 16-year-old son of King Hima was destined to die by a snake bite on the 4th day of his marriage. However, his clever wife found a way to save her husband’s life. That day, she did not allow her husband to sleep, and piled lots of gold and silver ornaments at the doorway of their bedroom and lit lamps everywhere. She also told him stories and recited songs in order to keep him awake.

    Yama, the god of death arrived in the form of a Serpent, but he could hardly open his eyes because of the dazzle created by the lamps and jewellery. He tried to enter the room by climbing over the heap of precious metal, but was mesmerized by the the songs of the prince’s wife and stayed there all night, enjoying every bit of it. At dawn, he left without taking the life of the prince. Thus, the prince’s life was saved and this day is now celebrated as Dhanteras.

    Dhanteras Puja Muhurta 2017: Auspicious time of the Puja is from 7:15 pm to 8:16 pm. The duration of puja will be 1 Hour and 1 Min.

    Amazing offers for you!

    Kalyan Jewellers
    This festive season, customers purchasing gold from Kalyan Jewellers will be eligible to participate in ‘Win Half Kg Gold Every Week’ offer*. This offer is valid in India (except Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry), UAE, Kuwait & Qatar till Nov 14th, 2017

    Celebrate this Dhanteras with breathtaking designs crafted in gold from Tanishq! You can avail a discount of up to 25%* on making charges of gold Jewellery and on diamond Jewellery at your nearest Tanishq store today: http://bit.ly/tanishq – Store
    All Tanishq stores will remain open for you till midnight today.
    Range starts at Rs. 20,000.

    Shop & get up to 5 lakh gold coins!

    FREE 1GM GOLD COIN – On every purchase of Diamond & Uncut Diamond Jewellery worth Rs. 50,000/-
    FREE 200 MG GOLD COIN – On advance booking worth Rs. 50,000/-
    Offer valid till 21st October 2017

    What are you waiting for! Don’t miss these golden opportunities! Rush to your nearest store now and claim these amazing offers! Hurry!

  • 5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Navi Mumbai

    Keep your tummies empty if you are looking to dine at one of these 5 buffet restaurants in Navi Mumbai. Foodies love indulgence, and what better than unlimited varieties of food at limited prices. Great ambiance, great music, and plenty of space for friends and family to get together and have a gala time over entertaining afternoons and relaxed evenings. Check it out.

    Taste Of Punjab, Vashi
    Food – the core of Punjab! If you love Punjabi food, and want to experience the real ambiance in Navi Mumbai, ‘Taste of Punjab’ it is. The welcoming set up, smiles & services, and good vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet is what you can expect. This place can also make you get up and dance to some good DJ and Live music.

    Barbeque Nation, Nerul, Old Panvel, CBD-Belapur
    A foodie’s delight, Barbeque Nation never seems to disappoint anyone. The unlimited vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet along with a wide range of desserts is a matchless treat. It is difficult for a person with normal appetite to try the exciting range of food laid out before him.

    Somethings Fishy – Regenza By Tunga, Vashi
    This is a well-known buffet restaurant at Tunga which displays classy ambience, prompt staff and good food. Sea-food lovers, this place is specially for you. Overall, a ‘feasty’ place to dine with family and friends.

    Pot Pourri, Vashi
    Love the ambiance of this place! Very lively with great music, happening, and good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet and A la carte. It’s a perfect place to hang-out, chillax, and spend time with friends on a weekend. A must visit!

    Soy Street, Vashi
    As the name suggests, you can expect lavish Chinese and Asian buffet here. A range of dimsums, momos, dumplings and lots more is served along with a good range of drinks. Music, plants, and good lightings bring this place alive for a beautiful evening with family and friends.

    If you have a different take to this list, feel free to comment and share your experience. Suggest a better place in place of any of these. We would love to hear from you! Read more about restaurants in Navi Mumbai.

  • 6 ways to beat the heat this October

    October is here, and so is the hot and humid climate. Feels like summer is back right after the rains. Let’s follow these six simple ways to protect ourselves from the harsh, sultry weather which will catch up pretty soon:

    H2O to the rescue
    Do not step outside without a bottle of water. The humidity in the air will only make you lose fluids. So keep hydrating yourself with enough water.

    Light as cotton
    Get your cottons out. Traveling in public transport can make you feel sticky and irritable. Wear light colours and avoid tight clothes. Open footwear is also a good idea. Put away your rainy footwear, as the rubber can make your feet sweaty and smelly.

    Hide from the afternoon Sun
    The sun is pretty harsh at noon. It is better to avoid this time for your travel. Carry enough wet tissues to help your skin feel fresh while travelling.

    A boon called AC Cabs
    If you need to be fresh for that presentation which has been lined up for the day, or you are an expectant mother, or are not too well, it is better to take the cab rather than travel by public transport and feel worse. Cabs, these days, will pick you from your home ad drop you wherever you want without creating a fuss. That’s a blessing, of course.

    Be Sweet-smelling, not sweat-smelling
    It is a great idea to carry pocket-sized deodorants and perfumes to help you smell good. After all, nobody wants to sit next to a sweat-smelling person.

    Dodge the black smoke
    The pollution in the air is sure to rise. It is better to cover your head with a cloth/scarf to avoid giving your hair, skin, and lungs, a tough time.

    Go ahead…face the heat!

  • 5 benefits of Garlic you wish you had known earlier

    Garlic – a herb, either loved for the amazing flavor and fragrance it adds to food, or hated for its pungent smell. But this simple ingredient found at a corner in your kitchen holds the center-stage when it comes to medicinal values. You will never avoid this herb if you read the below 5 benefits of garlic:

    Fights / Prevents Cancer
    Garlic is a natural element which helps in reducing the risk of stomach, intestine and esophageal cancer. It also reduces the chances tumors linked with breast cancer.

    Helps Controls Diabetes
    Garlic is proved to help a diabetic patient from harm to kidneys, regulates the nervous system, protects the heart and eyesight.

    Lowers Cholesterol Levels
    Garlic is loaded with allicin compound which prevents LDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) from oxidizing. It is advisable that people with high cholesterol levels include garlic in their everyday diet.

    Treats Intestinal Problems
    Garlic destroys harmful bacteria present in the intestines and helps absorb nutrient better. It helps clear intestinal problems, like diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.

    Prevents Acne
    Garlic, when blended with honey, turmeric, and cream can treat and prevent acne scars. It is a natural cleanser and antibiotic which relieves skin related problems.