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  • Bhansali’s Film Padmavati, Indeed A Deadly Blockbuster In The City Of Jaipur

    Ever since the trailer release of Padmavati, the film has been getting bombardment of criticisms from all across the nation. From rallies of protests to furious tweets, the fake history-lovers have taken a toll on such lavishly-crafted film, much much before the release.

    What until today, was a fierce protest, in literal sense, apparently doesn’t look like a protest. Yes, it seems Rajasthan is ready to script a new history of protesting against the film, which they allege, would feature a distorted history of Rani Padmini.

    For god sake, tell me what under the sky is more awful than murdering a man in the garb of protest? I know its too ghastly a news-capsule for today, but unfortunately, a man was found dead in Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. Beside on the stones near the fort’s adjacent wall, was a shamelessly squiggled death note that read “Hum sirf putle nahin latkate hain ” (It’s not just effigies that we hang — Padmavati).

    Murder or suicide? The case still pendulates between both, and the concerned police department is yet to take its course of action to investigate that. Be it any, but why would a protest against the film, which even the censor board is yet to adjudge, take such a deadly turn? The insanity of this fringe group from Rajasthan – Karni Sena- has in fact touched a new height. This group is reported to have threatened Bhansali and Padukone.

    Whether or not, this 190-crore film will take its space on silver-screen – God knows! But, seeing priceless lives ending, in this, is the most horrendous way of expressing love for History.

    Where, as a nation, are we heading towards?

  • World Television Day 2017: How TV Still Brings My Family Together?

     From black and white, to coloured pixelate; from digital to smart sets; TV as a persona has changed a lot and at the same time, has lost a lot, too. Especially with youngsters and kids entangled in tech mesh, no doubt TV has lapsed into avoidance.

    Well, to be honest, I’ve myself lost that connect with TV. All thanks to online streaming. However, there are days and times when I manage to pull myself out of my TV withdrawal. And I would certainly like to share those TV moments here.

    First being the match day, when I’ve my dad and brother hooked to every single ball that is bowled, given its Sunday. What a day to have! Like seriously. Commenting together on missed catches and inattentive mis-fields, like we would have nailed, if we were to play. He!He! Plus, mom’s supply of munchies in between – a family-perfect emotion.

    Second being mom’s shittier-than-shit serials which, I swear, validates the Egyptians’ theory of ‘life after death’. Because, I’ve seen characters back to their life even after the death. Oops! Deaths. But then there’s nothing you can do about those torturous minutes of dining when food comes free with visuals of colored shit. Poor me and my dad! Sssshh…But here’s a secret, we sometimes do enjoy the melodrama of sentimental bursts inside and outside the TV box. Yes, my mom’s cries. And yes, I laugh. I do. I’m sure there are many out there, who share the same moment. High five folks!

    Third being my grandmother forcing me to sit beside her and lend an ear to some over-preachy nonsense by her favourite most saint. And then the moment of me countering his far-fetched philosophies and her getting despairingly teased. That’s certainly a sweet tiff I love indulging myself into.

    Whatever! That has been and will always be the best part about TV, that is, bringing family members closer through a dash of drama. No matter the consistently changing generations of TV sets, from 12-inch screen to 110-inch Ultra HDTV, the magic of TV will always continue to bring the varied generations of family together.

  • What All Details Does Your PAN Card Reveal About You?

    Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is like an identity card for Indian nationals, with a set of alpha-numeric digits imprinted on it. But tell me honestly, if you ever cared to decode the sequence of characters on it. In fact, did you even know that each of the letters carries a meaning, and is not chosen randomly?


    Anyway, you know, it’s never late than never learnt. Next time you carry the card in your wallet, be sure to feel proud. Because, you’ll be knowing what you’re carrying, in literal sense.

    Hey! You’re just a minute away before you go boasting around ‘Arre, PAN card sirf dikhane ke liye nai hai, samajhne ke liye bhi hai’.

    The PAN sequencing goes as: AAAPL1234C

    • First three letters can be a permutation and combination of anything from AAA to ZZZ.
    • The fourth character throws light on the type of holder. Each holder is categorized as below:

    A — Association of Persons (AOP)

    B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

    C — Company

    F — Firm

    G — Government

    H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

    L — Local Authority

    J — Artificial Juridical Person

    P — Individual

    T — Trust(AOP)

    K — Krish (Trust Krish)

    • The fifth character is the first letter of one’s surname, in case of a personal PAN card, whereas it is the name of the Entity, Trust, society, or organisation in the case of Company/ HUF/ Firm/ AOP/ BOI/ Local Authority/ Artificial Judicial Person/ Govt
    • Next four numbers can be any combination from 0001to 9999.
    • Last digit is simply a check digit.

    Done. Done. Done. Pat on your back as a token of appreciation for self. You finally know what you’ve been carrying around since years.

  • Make Your Fri Eve Perfect At These Jazzy Bars In Navi Mumbai


    Floating. Tipsy. Fuddled. Staggering. Sloshed. Uhm, anything that I’ve missed out on? I’m sure you know, what am I talking so much, and so stirringly, about. And do you think I’m in one of those moods while squiggling this article? Hell No! However, wish I could punch both these things, I loooooove so much, together. 😉

    Well, to be honest, I’m myself an in-house-party doer and lover. But, there are days when you just need those dim, flashy lights over the head, music blaring out till the point it becomes noise, and people around muttering out shit, knowingly or unknowingly. God knows. 😉

    So here is the best few bars to hit at, in Navi Mumbai:

    1. Genuine Broaster Chicken

    As the name goes, chicken here is genuinely delectable to your taste-buds. Booze coupled with fine dine to serve both your hunger and liquor-thirst. Limitless choices on the menu – be it from vegetarian to non-vegetarian food, or coolers to spirits.

    Image Source


    Shop 115, First Floor, Satra Plaza, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    1. Rude Lounge

    What a happening place! This is not me saying, but any first-timer who have been to this place. And once upon a time, I was too a first-timer. 😉 Good food. Good ambience. Good drinks. Goods when united, is the best.

    Image Source


    Arenja Plaza, Sector 15, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai

    1. Barworks Eatery & Bar

    Image Source

    Get all your stress drained out together into the pan, every time you pee the cocktail out! 😉 Stress-buster this place is. No doubt! Triple your fun quotient here, with amazing ambiance, delightful food and perfect drink-menu.


    Liberty Towers, Next to Reliable Plaza,Thane Belapur Road, Airoli, Navi Mumbai 

    1. Mojo’s Bistro

     Rooftop seating. Period. There’s no beautiful phrase to pen down the beauty of open roof and the undulating views around. You simply need to be here to capture the look and feel of this place. And of course, the liquids – to amplify the happy mood more.

    Image Source


    701, Level 7, Cyber One, Near CIDCO Exhibition Center, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    5. 270° West

    Ultimate place to party! Dance floor here can awaken the maddening dancer within you. Alcohol to fuel it more! And yes, don’t forget to savour the delicious tastes on the menu card.

    Image Source


    G-198-199, Haware Fantasia Business Park, Opposite VashiRailway Station, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

    Verdict: Any place is better with right company and favourite drinks, but these Navi Mumbai bars are definitely notch better than the best.

  • Ever Played Musical Chair in Navi Mumbai Trains?

    I’m sure you all must be scratching your head for, why has this crazy lady come up with such a crazy headline? Of countless existing combinations on the planet, why musical chair in Navi Mumbai trains?

    Well, I’m not a Mumbaikar, and ever since I have taken this life-changing shift from Kolkata to Mumbai, I’ve been observing every bit of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, be it about a hullabaloo in stations here or characteristic behaviour – from ‘kidhar-utroge’ to ‘arre-andar-chalo’ kinds – inside the train coaches.


    Image Source

    Monsoons in Mumbai be like don’t-know-what-exactly! Good to enjoy a cup of ‘masala’ tea or bad to wade through the flooded tracks? You know it better, Mumbaikars. Don’t you? But, don’t tell me you’ve not enjoyed musical chair (or may be musical seat) in the coaches. Didn’t you, while an ‘aunty’ beside you jostled forward to grab on to the driest space to rest her buttocks on?

    Image Source

    I bet you all did. I do it too 😉 Because, Navi Mumbai plays musical chair to the beats of rains.

  • Looking For Thali Restaurants In Navi Mumbai?

    If by any chance, you love picking and eliminating random things reciting the small, old ‘Inky Pinky Ponky’ limerick, you won’t anymore. Oh yeah, I’m talking about these scrumptious thali restaurants of Navi Mumbai, where foodstuffs on the plate are too many to run your eyes over, at just one go.

    And the script would flow as:

    Scene 1: The waiter dishes out the thali

    Scene 2: You prod backward the thali, close at your hand.

    Scene 3: If you are a voracious foodie, then you are like ‘come on, who is coming first under my jaws?’. (smirking hard)

    If you are a shy eater, then you are like ‘damn, which one do I start with?’. (looking baffled)

    Anyway, be whichever kind, here situated are your thali restaurants:

    1. R Bhagat Tarrachand

    Image Source

    Reputed food chain in the culinary setting of Mumbai, this outlet is not too gaudy with its décor, but too good with its food. Minimal interiors with maximum taste!

    Address: Shatrughan Tower, Sector 18, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    1. Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

    Image Source

    Infuse yourself in Rajasthani culture, right here in Navi Mumbai, at Rajdhani Thali Restaurant. From the ethnic charms of working staff, to Rajasthani touch in their flavour, this place is must-visit for thali lovers.

    Address: Shop 7, Ground Floor, Satra Plaza, Palm Beach Road, Sector 19D, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    1. Maharaja Thaal

    Image Source

    With homely feel and welcoming staffs, the delicacies of thali here, will simply make a smooth and prompt way to your stomach, leaving you full, yet unrepressed.

    Address: 7, Satra Plaza, Ground Floor, Sector 19D, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    So, lets go, pick and choose from these thalis, huh? And of course, eat until the noisy belch. Just kidding! Ha! Ha! 😉

  • Is This Advertiser From Navi Mumbai Marketing ‘Green’ Around?

    Where Mother Nature is losing out on her green, there is a man from Navi Mumbai who is hellbent to give her back the green again. 39 years old Navi Mumbai citizen Vikas Shivaji Chavan, a professional from advertising industry, is on planting spree, with more than 400 saplings already in place.

    Chavan embarked on his sowing journey in 2007 with his then motive to paint the two-wheeler parking lot at Central plaza in Navi Mumbai green. Having already nurtured almost 60 types of indigenous saplings, Chavan is headstrong to grow another 60 in next few years.

    Image Source

    Adding more spark to his success, he flapped his green wings to move on to spaces at Cycle Pay and Park, Inorbit Mall, Bankode, Bhumiputra Maidan, Akashganga Society, Nisarg Udayan and other areas along the Eastern Expressway, suffusing them in fresh and lush green.

    Financially, 5,000 bucks has already been shelled out by Chavan on equipment, brought from nursery in Kalyan. I’m sure, the tenacity of his passion has a long way to go, in making Navi Mumbai an exemplar of ‘Green India’.

  • Radio Frequency Identification Cards in Navi Mumbai Schools

    The recent ghastly murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at Gurgaon’s Ryan international School has thrown the entire country into an unthinkable outrage. And why not? After all, on a school premise – meant to construct the future of a child – an innocent future breathed its last. For forever.

    Image Source

    Taking the matter into a much-needed consideration, Navi Mumbai Police decided to go heedful about it immediately. They have advised all the schools across the city to issue Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFIDS), by the virtue of which, child-safety is bound to ensue.

    What are these Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFIDS), which Navi Mumbai Police wants all the city schools to introduce? These are the cards implanted with smart chips, which are designed to keep a track of students commuting by school bus.  It would keep a record of as and when students boarded and alighted from the bus. Accordingly, an SMS would automatically be dropped on the registered mobile of their respective parents.

    Laudably, the city police have come up with a fabulous safety-plan for students. As of now, Navi Mumbai police has rolled out a full-proof list of safety measures to all schools, however schools except Delhi public school are yet to implement this facility.

  • Watch How Bizarrely Crabs are Mud Farmed in Navi Mumbai

    Succulent and delicious to nibble at, have you ever pondered on how these creepy-looking crabs are farmed? But prior to shooting your eyeballs on the video below, know what mud crab farming is about. By the way, it is in the interest of you crab-buffs only that ups the demand of it in the market.😉 Why not watch out the process that goes behind your satiating meal?

    So, what exactly happens in this popularly practised crab farming? Crabs naturally trapped from water bodies are not of marketable size, and are hence nurtured to make it grow out and become market-viable. About 4mm wide crabs are cultivated to become of size as big as 10 cm in width, in a span of a year.

    Now, watch out the labour that goes in Gunabai Crab Farm in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.


  • Experience the Navi Mumbai Durga Puja Festival at its Best

    Ask Kolkatans what Durga Puja (nay, Pujo) means to them, and you’ll understand why and how Puja is so much more than a festival in Kolkata. You’ll know how it is an emotion they ecstatically wait for, throughout the year. Just ask them, but prior to that, do muster up enough patience to watch them blabbing endlessly about their attachment with ‘Pujo’. That special is the essence of Durga Puja for them.

    Image Source

    Anyway, the ditto Pujo-flamboyance of Kolkata can’t be replicated in Navi Mumbai. But, Navi Mumbai does deck itself up with beautiful pandals in its nooks and corners. Lively enough to stir up the Pujo-Pujo feel, over and around in the air.

    So, this puja, don’t go cribbing around ‘Aww, I miss Durga Puja so much’. Instead, go and be a part of these classy associations.

    1. Vashi Cultural Association

    Established in 2005 at Vashi, Vashi Cultural Association (VCA) is one of the most-enjoyed club during Durga Puja in Navi Mumbai. Keeping up with the energies of Bengali culture, VCA hosts 5-day program pertaining to traditional culture and art of Bengalis, every year. VCA has also been endeavouring seamlessly to build up a better society, through its small but meaningful initiatives.

    1. Bengali Cultural Association Kharghar

    Somewhere in the heart of the town of Kharghar, every Bengali has their heart set on the prettified lanes of Utsav Chowk in Kharghar, during the merrier days of Durga Puja. With the puja of Bengal Cultural Association Kharghar, Bengalis in Kharghar are certainly poised to live the grandeur of Kolkata in Mumbai.

    1. Navi Mumbai Bengali Association

    With its premise at sector 6, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Bengali Association (NMBA) is one of the largest association of Bengalis in Maharashtra. Ever since its commemoration in 1981, it has been preserving the aura of pujo in the fabric of multi-ethnic Navi Mumbai since decades.

    Image Source

    All these associations arouse bang-on bong feel within the Bengalis away from their roots- Bengal, but, yet closer.