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  • Summer Holidays – Top 5 Destination in India

    Is the scorching heat of summer irritating you? Is the sizzling sun treating you with boiling temperature? It’s time you think of some cool and soothing destinations in India for vacation. The summer escapes are all about North India, blessed with breezy air and bountiful vistas, amidst the womb of Himalayas, North India never disappoints you and makes your summer vacation the best of all time. Here’s the list of top 5 destinations in India to help you escape summer heat.

    Ladakh – Pool of Tranquillity

    The name itself says it all, Ladakh is a dream destination for almost everyone. It is also a ritual for bikers to take a road trip down the snow-capped mountain peaks and the serene aura. The white washed stupas, purity in the air and the sound of holy Buddhist chant calms you mind.

    Manali – Backpackers Utopia

    Snow clad mountains with scenic beauty tempts the backpackers to pack their bags & set off on a trip. Manali is a popular honeymoon destination since a very long time. Also, many Bollywood films have been shot at this place. Nestled is the magic of nature and the essence of Himalayas, Manali is the most preferred destination for trekking and adventure junkies.

    Srinagar – Poetic Paradise

    The heaven on earth as always personified, it truly justifies its beauty. Srinagar is a summer capital. This place is bestowed with natural beauty, never seen before landscape, truly a baby of the majestic Himalaya. This is the most preferred destination by all the travel lovers. The soothing cold breeze, the mesmerizing nature’s magic makes Srinagar, a perfect vacation destination.

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    Dharmshala-Meclodganj – Land of Nirvana

    Dharmshala- Meclodganj is a land of monks and a place of absolute tranquillity. With nature’s bounty, it is a treat destination for all adventurers. The youth always vouch on to rejoice the exceptional pleasure, this place offers. Treks on high snow-clad mountain is always an adventurous delight for all the trekkers. Dharamshala-Meclodganj is never off the list.

    Nainital – The City of Lake

    Nainital, is a sparkling jewel blessed with nature’s beauty and lakes. It is bestowed with the best climatic condition to escape the summer. Nainital is a prime holiday destination. The quaint hill-station is often pictured as a forested valley amidst which lies a beautiful lake.

    With so many options to choose from, planning summer vacation would not be a hectic job for you. Pack your bags and get ready to face the scorching sun with lots of fun.

  • Despite no approval, excavation resumes near Panvel Forest

    It has come to the attention to certain environmentalists and local activists that excavation just outside the forest region at Kevala village in Panvel has resumed even after demands were made to suspend the action.

    “There was a brief lull in the excavation activity after last week’s TOI report. However, it has been observed that several dumpers are again taking away massive volumes of excavated earth from the site, about 3km off the busy Panvel-Matheran road. Experts had pointed that a formal circular was issued, saying no excavation or mining activity can take place within 250 metres of a forest zone without a forest department NOC. The order was as per a Supreme Court verdict. So, why is this particular excavation being allowed?” questioned activist Anarjit Chauhan.

    “While my office had recently issued the circular that a forest NOC must be taken for mining or excavation activity near the forest, it was only to ensure that no illegal work or activity happens, and that the district authorities like the mining officer or the collector are well informed about it. In case of the excavation at Panvel taluka, it is on private land so they may be well within their right to do so after taking permissions,” Alibag-based deputy conservator of forests, Maneesh Kumar said.

    Recently, there was another similar case where certain people in Uran and other parts of Raigad where offenders had carried out a mining/excavation project against which strict action was taken.

    However, activist Chauhan differed. “A 2007 Supreme Court order states mining or excavation is not permissible near the forest without a valid NOC. I have personally visited the site at Kevale in Panvel taluka and the extent of excavation is so much that there is always a fear of a landslide. The forest hill is separated from the excavation site by barely 10 to 15 metres.”

    He has urged the forest and the revenue officials to pay a joint visit to the excavation site.

  • Old Panvel buildings to face water crisis till monsoon

    In order to decrease the water shortage in Navi Mumbai, the PCMC has made peculiar decision to cut water supply to new buildings and even redeveloped ones in areas of old Panvel.

    Because of this move, a lot of complaints have been raised from disappointed old Panvel residents. Corporators have requested the PCMC to restore water supply to the new and redeveloped buildings.

    “Keeping in mind the water scarcity, the administration has issued instructions to its staff to tide over the water crisis. Accordingly, no new water connections are being given in Panvel,” PCMC water supply committee president Nilesh Baviskar said.

    Water supply department engineer D R Alghat said, “Our deputy civic chief has given written instruction not to give new water connections to new applicants. The decision was taken in view of water crisis.”

    Many are expressing disappointment on how redeveloped buildings issued with OCs are facing water scarcity. “We have been trying to acquire new water supply connection as demanded by residents of a redevelopment project. The previous connections have not been restored even after paying the due charges,” corporator advocate Vrushali Waghmare said.

    A Panvel resident said, “Ours is a new building. The builder says no water supply connection will be provided to us due to the current water crisis. New connections will be issued after the onset of monsoon. Till then we are dependent on water tankers.”

    “PCMC has completed laying of over 20km-long pipeline out of the 27 km planned stretch in Panvel under the AMRUT scheme worth Rs 17.5 crore. Hence water tanker demands have reduced. Also, distribution loss of around 20 per cent has also reduced.However, the alternate day water supply will continue in Panvel,” said Baviskar.

  • 5 changes that can make Navi Mumbai a better city

    1. Ambulances: Emergency aid at all railway stations

    Ambulance service in all stations is a no brainer. Lakhs of railway commuters are highly prone to train accidents, they ca fall ill or can be met with any kind health issue. Hence, a proper ambulance system needs to be established. As of now only nerul and Vashi stations have an ambulance facility. Not even Panvel station, the biggest station of the satellite city has one. Major bummer, isn’t it?

    2. Airport: Can we have our airport, please

    Right now, all us Navi Mumbaikars have one question: “Yo, new Navi Mumbai international airport, where you at?” The first planes were supposed to have taken off three years ago. But nope, right now the work on the NNIA has gotten another deadline which is in 2019. Looks like the only thing that’s fully functioning is that blue board which has “Sight for Inetrnational airport Navi” sprawled on it.  Yes folks, looks like we gotta wait one more year till planes take off from the soils of Navi Mumbai….. I hope.

    3. Healthcare for all: More hospitals that the poor can afford

    Medical care is hella expensive, which means people belonging to the backward lass of economy can’t afford it, which means they don’t have necessary access to good health. This city has a population of 14 lakh-plus and there is only one civic hospital. For many people, Specialized care is still out of their league. Though there are more such kinds of hospitals coming up, the delays on them doesn’t help the medical situation of the country. Private hospitals aren’t of much help since the costs are exorbitant. A mobile ambulance was inaugurated two years ago, but it is yet to start because of long-pending administrative issues. Do we really have to wait ten years for things to get better?

    Top 5 martial arts classes in Navi Mumbai

    4. Water transport

    if only the government gave the green signal to restart the hovercraft services from Vashi and Belapur to Gateway of India, that’d reduce traffic jam, there’ll ne no more toll pay, and no potholes. They ran from 1994 to 1999, but labour trouble and infrastructure constraints forced a shutdown. It’s true that the eastern freeway has cut down travel time to SoBo, but you can’t deny that the sea route is even faster, and um.. more fun. . And boat rides down the coast to Alibaug? Yes, please.

    5. Place to park

    “Park wherever the hell you want” seems to be the parking motto of drivers and riders of the city.  Hapazard parking of vehicles is rampant in Navi Mumbai. The worst affected towns are Vashi, Kopar Khairane, Nerul, Kalamboli and Panvel. The number of vehicles on the city roads has also gone up manifold to 5,89,406. Basically, more parking spots, less chaos.

  • NMMC are ready to plant 1 lakh trees on Parsik Hill this monsoon

    This monsoon, the city municipal has decided to plant one lakh trees on Parsik Hill during the monsoon as part of the state government’s mega green initiative Van Mahotsav, 2018. Nearly 13 crore tree will be planted across the state as part of the project. The tree planting will commence on 1st of July, also the day of the drive launch.

    With the help of the forest department, NGOs, housing societies and institutions, NMMC will execute this challenging yet helpful task reaching target of planting 1 lakh trees. NMMC tree authority and forest officials also paid visits to various pockets and identified spots where trees can be planted.

    The Parsik mountain range from Digha to CBD has been given importance for the green campaign for which ground survey has already been completed. Central Railway-owned Digha dam will be the major location to be developed as a green zone and tourist destination whereas Rabale hills, Mumbradevi, Gavlidev, Sulaidevi hills will be transformed into a green belt.

    5 changes that can make Navi Mumbai a better city

    “We are developing a stretch of Parsik hills from Rabale to Digha as a tourist destination on the lines of the urban social forest. Digha dam area and the Mumbradevi area will be our main thrust,” said NMMC chief Ramaswami N who is also chairman of NMMC Tree Authority.

    According to a forest official, “We want NMMC to develop a green patch first and also prevent it from being encroached. This will secure the vast stretch of forest land.” The team visited Ilthanpada, Yadavnagar, Rabale, Sulaidevi, Gavlidev hills and earmarked these spots for the plantation drive.

  • Top 5 martial arts classes in Navi Mumbai

    1. Shaolin Kungfu, Vashi

    If you are interested in more traditional

    training, then your search ends at Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Kungfu Master, Sifu Radheshyam Gupta will train you and bring out the fighter in you. The facility is near Vashi Bus depot.

    Address: Plot No 6, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703, Sector 9 A, Behind Vashi Depot

    Contact: 9833904224/912233126212

    2. Fit and Fight club India, Seawoods

    Primarily based in Navi Mumbai, Fit and Fight club India has two branches, one in Vashi and another one in Seawoods. Trained only by professionals, you can enjoy a good training session. The place is also has modern equipments. From MMA to Muay Thai, this place agin provide so many forms of training. They conduct several classes in the morning as well as in the evening, so timings can be convenient for people who want to join.

    Address: First Floor, Aai Ekveera Building, Next To Presentation School,Opp. Ishwar Bliss Building, Sector 27,Seawoods ( East ),Opp. Ishwar Bliss Building, Sector 27

    Hope and care Building, Plot No 41/1, Sector – 30, Near Samna Press, Vashi.

    Contact: 099302 24405/ 2261229494

    3. Knock Down, Vashi

    Knock down in Vashi is a high standard martial arts training centre. The centre is known for providing MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), cross-training. They also many other forms of martial arts training like Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, street fighting, boxing and wrestling. This center separate training session for girls so they can learn self-defense. the high intensity training provided here will strengthen your mental and physical coordination.

    Address: 1st Floor, Plot No 38, Sector 19E, Behind Furniture Mall, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    Contact: 0961982970 / 08454841331

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    4. RTA Kick Boxing, Vashi

    Another good place to improve your cardiovascular strength in the form of martial arts is RTA kickboxing. This place combines different types of activities like Tae Kwon Do, yoga and aerobics

    Address: Inorbit Mall Vashi

    Contact: 98203 25537

    5. Indian Martial Art Shito Ryu Federation, Kharghar

    If you want pure martial arts training, then Indian Martial Arts Shito Ryu Federation is the place for you. A team of profesionals train you in martial art, kick boxing and taekwondo. Coaching is provided according to the age of the student. Kids as young as 4 can join that class.

    Address: Shop Nos. 1 to 4, Daffodils, Sector-20, Kharghar

    Contact: 9322051134

  • CIDCO burning candles on both ends to meet the airport’s 2019 deadline

    Despite working under a tight deadline, the next eight months will determine whether chief minister Devendra Fadnavis’s plans of seeing the maiden flight taking off at the Navi Mumbai International airport by 2019 can be a possibility. With the deadline nearing, CIDCO has tough task in their hands of relocating project affected persons (PAPs) and clearing the land by flattening Ulwe hill and diverting Ulwe river by December-end. This will win them art least one more year for the develooment of the airport.

    By December 2019, the government wants one runway (3.7 kilometers long) of the airport to be ready. Currently, 40% of the villagers have been shifted and 36% of the hill has been levelled. Both these tasks have been closely linked. On April 24, 2017, a Rs. 2,033 crores work order for the hill operation and diversion was issued. However, not much work could be done due to the loss of several months to monsoon and then to the protests by villagers in October.  CIDCO officials now plan on going full throttle with the work to meet the deadline.

    The government wants one runway (3.7km-long) of the airport ready by December 2019 for the maiden flight. As of now 40% of shifting of villagers has been done and 36% of the hill has been levelled; both the works are closely linked. A Rs 2,033-crore work order for the hill operation and diversion of river was issued on April 24, 2017, but not much work could be done as several months were lost—first to monsoon and then to protests by villagers in October. Now, Cidco officials plan pulling out all stops to meet the deadline.

    Zaha Hadid Architects To Design Navi Mumbai International Airport

    Superintending engineer of the project Sanjay Dahedar said “We have already undertaken the biggest blast, disgorging 41,000 cubic metres of rocky material 10 days ago. But now, it is time for bigger blasts. We have to blast, cut and level the hill at 5.5m and hand over the land by December-end. The daily blasting exercise ensures 1 lakh cubic metre is taken out.” The concessionaire will then level the ground to 8m for the airport to be developed.

    Though the work for river diversion is on, the waterbody may not change course till the next monsoon. “This monsoon, Ulwe river will continue to flow from south to north via the lowland of the hill. But next rains, it will be diverted to the west, along the southern part of the hill and have a new course of 3km into Moha creek,” he added.

    As for CIDCO’s rental scheme, which provides for rent to families for 18 months – during which they are building homes, it has seen little success. Though it was started a little early, only 40%  families have opted for the scheme. “Two of the 10 villages in the core airport area of 1,160 hectares are expected to empty soon. Varshchaowle and Waghivali Wada villages abut a portion of the hill. Waghivali Wada is almost empty with a few families remaining due to marriage ceremonies,” he added.

  • Top 6 shopping Malls in Navi Mumbai

    Today’s modern space means malls, whether its celebration, shopping, entertainment or watching movie, it’s all under one roof. Navi Mumbai being the new canvas to paint all new pictures, malls are the most perfect eye catchers of Navi Mumbai. Developing with time, Navi Mumbai has a lot of attractive malls. Here are some best shopping malls of Navi Mumbai to splurge on your weekends.

    1. Seawoods Grand Central:

    Seawoods Grand Central

    This mall is connected to the Seawoods Darave Railway station making it convenient to get in. It has all new facilities ensuring a memorable experience to the visitors. A wide range of brands are spread across the mall. This mall is the biggest mall of Navi Mumbai attracting more and more people.

    1. Inorbit Mall Vashi:

    Inorbit Mall Vashi

    This is one of the most popular malls in Navi Mumbai. Fun play zone here attracts many kids. High-end brands for fashion lovers and the book readers are also taken care of. It’s very close to the start point of Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

    3. Raghuleela Mall Vashi:

    Raghuleela Mall Vashi

    A fun centre for all the entertainment and shopping lovers. There are big supermarkets and retail shops too. It is one of the oldest shopping malls of Navi Mumbai and still strives to be the best.

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    4. Vashi Central Mal

    Vashi Central Mall

    At a walking distance from Vashi railway station, Vashi Central is known as the fascinating shopping destination for shopaholic with a wide range of brands to pick from. This mall is well equipped with all the necessary facilities which will make your shopping experience worth it.

    5. Little world Mall Kharghar:

    Little world Mall Kharghar

    This mall is a major landmark and attracts a lot of crowd every day. With some Indian retail brands, this mall completely serves its purpose. A section for movie buffs and a yummy food court is the appealing factor for youth and the residents of Kharghar.

    6. Orion Mall Panvel:

    Orion Mall Panvel

    Located on the old Mumbai-Pune expressway, this mall is a pit stop for all the commuters. This mall is equipped with the necessary facilities, a few fast food corners and supermarket for groceries. This is a newly opened mall yet continues to bring happiness to the localities.

  • Top 5 Pubs and Café in Navi Mumbai

    1. Rude Lounge

    Blaring music and special offer on drinks every night. Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect Friday night? Enjoy live band performances, free shots and more. Another reason this bar is great is because Rude lounge is one of the first pubs to introduce ‘ladies night’. Thanks to it’s popularity, it now has two outlets, the older one being in Belapur and the new one in Vashi.
    Rude Lounge
    Plot No. 52, Arenja Plaza, Palm Beach Rd, Sector 15, CBD, Belapur,

    Shop Number 15 &16, BSEL Tech Park, Palm Beach Road, Opp Inorbit Mall, Sector 30, Vashi

    1. Mojo’s Bistro

    Being on the top floor of a high-rise building, you will be assured a bang on view. This mostly outdoorsy also has an indoor section. The menu might be little on the pricier side, but it’s worth it. Good selection of drinks, delicious munchies and top that with ample spacing, you got yourself a really nice evening outing.
    Mojo’s Bistro

    Address: 7th Floor, Cyber 1, Sector 30A, Opposite CIDCO Exhibition Center, Vashi

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    1. The Angrezi Pub

    In a vintagy mood? Step into the Angrezi pub. It’s vintage interiors and dim light may give your soul some relaxation, but your heart will thumping to the loud music at the same time. It is known for its amazing DJ nights which are packed on weekends. You can also have a private party for which they have a separate section.
    The Angrezi Pub
    Address: 14, Hilton Centre, Near Vijaya Bank, Plot 66, Sector 11, CBD-Belapur

    1. Tight

    A Bollywood kinda good time is what will be in store for you at Tight in Vashi. Though it isn’t a big pub, it still manages to attract an huge crowd, especially on weekends.
    Address: 1st Floor, Above KFC, Inorbit Mall, Sector 30 A, Vashi

    1. Cowboys Café

    Another pub with a theme – as the name suggests, the interior will make you feel like Texan cowboy. They even give cowboy hats. This is perhaps the first pub in Navi Mumbai to have female waiters taking your orders and a female DJ too who is pretty good.
    Cowboys Café
    Address: Bhumiraj Costa Rica, Palm Beach Service Rd, Palm Beach, Sector 18,Sanpada

  • Makeup Hacks for Beginners


    • A clean slate is a must. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face.
    • As long as you have healthy skin, any makeup-look will look good. Hence, figure out a skincare routine that works best for your skin.
    • Always start with less foundation and build up from there onwards so that your base won’t end up looking cakey. Same goes for concealer.
    • If you want sheer coverage, mix your foundation with some carrier oil or moisturizer.
    • At the end of your makeup application, set your makeup with a setting spray so that you can avoid a cakey look, and makeup will blend perfectly. For an affordable setting spray, you can use rose water
    • When you’re buying a new foundation, swatch it on yourself and wear it around in different light to make sure it’s a true match.


    • Always prep your eyelids with either an eye-primer or a concealer so that your eye makeup will last longer.
    • Make any colour of an eyeshadow stand out by first applying a white or a bright base.
    • If you are going for a bold eye makeup look, do the eye makeup first so that any kind of fallout can be cleaned easily, and your base makeup won’t be disturbed.

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    • Have a dried-out mascara tube? Put the tube in glass of warm water for 5- 10 mins and then apply.
    • Never pump your mascara. Pumping the wand traps air inside and makes the mascara dry out faster. Instead, spin the brush to get rid of clumps.
    • If you want to intensify eyeshadow colours, spray your eyeshadow brush with some setting spray or lightly dip into some water and then apply.


    • Before you start off your make up routine, moisturize your lips with a lip balm, so that by the time you get to lipstick application, your lips soft and prepped.
    • Scrub your lips at least 2 times a week so that your lips will be extra healthy. Healthy and soft lips can really make any lip colour look good.
    • If you want to customize or try mimic a lip shade, just mix two separate lip colours.