Bank Heist Accused calls to a sex worker worked as clue for cop

Bank heist: Accused’s call to a sex worker worked as tip off for cop

The burglars while executing the plan did not use their phones. They kept them switched off and used walkies talkies to communicate while they were underway in digging the tunnel. The reason that they used walkie-talkies was so that the police wouldn’t track down their calls. Despite being careful about the no phone policy, one of the gang members did use a phone to make a call to a woman in Dhule who was a commercial sex worker. The burglar had called her to say that he would come to meet her. This call, unfortunately for the gang but fortunately for the police proved to be very useful for the latter.

According to external sources, the burglar called the woman at 8 am on November 12. The burglar the was in car that was near the bank from where the gang would steal valuables worth around Rs. 3 crores. According to the police, the gang always kept their phones in a house in Ulwe and used walkie-talkies to communicate when they were in the store, digging the tunnel.

The crime branch was able to get to the burglar’s phone number through the mobile dump data of the locality near the bank. The cops were finally able to track the woman from Dhule. Upon reaching her residence, she was interrogated. She then revealed that one of the accused was her regular client. She also gave the cops the accused’s identity and address in Gowandi.

The crime branch sought help of some informers to obtain any information on the suspect’s whereabouts. They soon bagged information that the accused was going to meet the other members at parking lot near a Ghatkopar Metro station on November 18. When the Sanpad apolice team reached the spot, the gang noticed and tried to get away. After a 5km chase up to Mankhurd, the cops were finally able to catch them at the Vashi toll plaza.


The gang members that were arrested were , Hajid Ali Baig alias Langda (45), Shrawan Hegde alias Kalya (37), Momin Khan alias Pintu (24) and Anjan Mahanti alias Ranjan (43).


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