Bank Heist Case Solved Claims Navi Mumbai Police

The police have already detained 11 people, which includes 2 women. Arrested convicts belong from Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, among others.

The infamous bank heist of Navi Mumbai has been nearly solved after 25 days, as per the claims of police. Although, 4 people who played a major role in committing the crime are yet to be detained. Nearly a month back, a gang of burglars carried out a movie-like theft at Sanpada’s Bank of Baroda branch.

Apparently, the burglars got away with the loot by breaking 30 lockers of the bank. And, the most surprising part is that that they dug a 30-foot long tunnel to get to the locker room of the bank from a rented shop in the same building. The shop was taken on rent by the gang members in the month of May this year by using fake documents.

Up to now, the police is claiming to have arrested 11 people, that includes 2 women. The accused are believed to belong from Mumbai, Kolkata and Allahabad, among others. One of the main convict in the case is Hajid Ali Mirja Baig.

The gang stole valuables of worth Rs 3.43 crore from the bank lockers, on November 11 and 12, i.e., over the weekend when the bank usually remains closed. So far, the police have been successful in recovering valuables worth Rs 1.49 crores, Rs 5.5 kg gold, Rs 12.19 lakh in cash, 4 vehicles and some foreign currency. However, police are yet to figure out who had placed the foreign currency in those lockers.

According to Hemant Nagrale, Navi Mumbai police commissioner stated, “Baig had spent Rs8.5 lakh organising this crime and arranging different tools and instruments. The gang used walkie-talkies to coordinate.”

Nagrale added, “The gang was inspired by a similar heist in Haryana, wherein a bank was looted in October 2014, by digging a tunnel. They had watched the video online and applied the same techniques in this crime.”

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