Barbie Dolls To Be Made Based On Inspirational Women To Mark International Women’s Day 2018

Mattel, a multinational company that manufactures many popular toys like Hot Wheels and Barbie, are planning on making Barbie dolls based on several international women to mark International Women’s Day.

With many issue being faced by women lately, voices of women are getting louder and stronger. Currently, there are many acts of feminism taking place like awareness on equal pay, calling attention to the many sexual harassment cases, and also talking about diversity.

For generations, the world has seen many powerful and skilled women like Frida Kahlo (Mexican Artist), Marie M. Daly (First Female Black American Chemist), Lakshmibai/Rani of Jhansi (One of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857) who proved that women can be just as strong and prominent as men.

Mattel, a Jewish-founded company that makes Barbie dolls, will be making Barbie dolls that’ll be designed after many inspirational women from history. Some of the women are Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician who was highlighted in the movie “Hidden Figures.” Last year also, Mattel made Barbies based influential women like Misty Copeland and actress Emmy Rossum. They released dolls as ‘Shero’ Barbies.

Katherine Johnson, now 99, worked with the company to make sure that her Barbie would accurate. The list of women also includes Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding Chloe Kim and actress and philanthropist Guan Xiating.

Johnson, who is 99 years-old, worked with the company to ensure that her Barbie would be accurate. Other honorees include 2018 Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding Chloe Kim and actress and philanthropist Guan Xiaotong.

The annual line of “Shero” Barbies aims to make great women into dolls because Mattel wants to teach young girls that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, not just tall and skinny.

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