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Beginner’s guide to having a perfect makeup kit

Makeup can be tricky, complicated, confusing and just really…. Ugh. But in the end who doesn’t love makeup. No, loving makeup doesn’t mean that mean caking up face with it all the time. That notion is so wrong. Makeup need not necessarily mean full face of foundation and the whole shabang. I’m sure you’ve heard it, and I’ll say it again; Makeup either is just a means of enhancing your features or just a means to get dolled up. Everyone has their own version of makeup routines. No makeup routines are the same. What works for you may not work for others. If just lipstick and kajal is what you’re comfortable with, for someone else it might a full face of everything.

Again, it’s complicated, to navigate yourself through the world of makeup. You’re never late to know about makeup, about what does what. You know, if you’re comfortable with no makeup, and only prefer sticking with lip balm and liner, that is totally fine too. In the end, it’s just makeup, you can always wipe it off and try it till you get better.

Below is a good beginner’s/affordable makeup kit with which you can get your makeup journey started. Some quick tips and options too!

Do not worry, it’s all about taking baby steps.

  1. Prep and prime

Your skin is the most essential part of any makeup routine, whether it’s a low-key makeup look or a full-on glam look. A clean canvass is always a must

Prep: This consists of the basic skin care steps. After cleansing your face, moisturize your face. Moisturizing is very important, as it makes the skin healthy and supple. If you are on the oilier side, you can skip this part and move on to priming as a primer will give enough hydration without making your skin feel greasy or heavy. If you have extremely dry skin. mix a few drops of any carrier oil (coconut/olive/castor/argan/jojoba) to you moisturizer.

Prime: Primer is a product that acts as a perfect base for makeup application. Primer is really not that necessary unless you have skin issues like large pores, blemishes. If you have oily skin, a primer(preferably a mattifying one) will really help the makeup last longer.

For moisturizer, you can use


For primers, you can use,

Other options:


  1. Base: Foundation/BB cream/concealer

Foundation/BB cream: Once your skin is prepped, go ahead with your preferred base. Go for a foundation that is your shade. Foundation is not always necessary, it just depends on the occasion. If it’s an important event, then you can use little more than the usual amount. But for a day to day look, just a few drops of it will suffice. If you want something lighter, BB cream is a really good alternative.

Concealer: Concealer is used to give coverage to under eye circle, blemishes and acne marks. Again, foundation or bb cream is not always necessary. Skipping on them can save those extra bucks. You can directly move onto just concealing. Just a little concealer on the required areas will itself improve your complexion. You can also use your foundation as a concealer. Just pick your skin shade to cover the dark circles and blemishes. If you want little bit more brightening, use a shade lighter.

For foundation, you can use


For bb cream you can use:


For concealer, you can use


  1. Powder

Powdering your face a little will lock the foundation/bb cream/concealer in place. If your have dry skin, only powder your T zone and under your eyes(if you’ve applied concealer). However, if you have oily skin, then powdering your whole face will be helpful as it will help prevent makeup from sliding.

Keep in mind, go in with a light hand. Over powdering will leave your face cakey and unflattering.

For face powder, you can use

  1. Blush

Blush does a really good job of bringing a little color to the face.  Just a slight sweep of color on the apple of the cheeks will give a radiant and beautifully flushed look. Here again, use a very light hand. Going overboard with the blush will just leave you looking like a clown.

  1. Kajal

A staple in every woman’s makeup kit. This adds that perfect touch to any makeup look. Who doesn’t want kohl eyes? It’s literally flattering anytime and on anyone. If you want a soft smudged look, apply some liner(gel, or pencil preferably) and with an earbud/q tip, and just slightly smudge it. Again, smudge it using a very light hand so that you don’t tug your eyes. Tugging leads to wrinkles.

  1. Lip color

To add to the final touch, what could be better than a pop of colour on the lips? For a vibrant pop of colour, apply good pigmented lipstick. If you want a subtle tint, just dab some lip color with your fingers, or you can just use a tinted lip balm. Here’s a little makeup multitasking tip. It’s a very old and very known one. You can use your lipstick as blush. Just dab a little color to cheeks and blend it seamlessly.

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