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Best 5 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

Summers are the cherry on the cake, for those who have plunged into the journey of weight loss. Summers are around the corner and are the best time to step out and shred some calories. But let the hustle in the workout do its job and not the burning sun, don’t let the sun drain your energy and show the unhealthy weight loss results. Weight loss always counts for 70% of your diet and 30% of exercise. But what we generally do is eat less and workout more, and that’s a bad weight loss regime. Plan your weight loss with this small list of essential tips to knock out those extra calories this summer.

Get some perfect sleep

Sleep is the key ingredient of the recipe to weight loss. Weird! But Yes, it is, studies have proved the fact that a good 7 hour of sleep will help in weight loss. Sleep helps is relaxing and repairing the muscles. And helps in restoring the energy to hustle again the next day.

Say no to Soda, Say yes to Water

Summers, comes in with the thirsty throat and what attracts under the hot burning sun is the chilled sodas and soft drinks. Replace your mod of quenching the thirst by the water, it is the best natural means with immense properties to repair the body internally and add to your weight loss. After the sweet slumber it’s the water that adds to the recipe, making it healthier.

Say yes to yogurts, say no to Ice creams

The summers welcome the chilled frizzing tubs of ice creams with the baggage of tons of calories free. Be strong to say No! to that spoon of ice cream rather quench your craving for it with its nearby substitute Yogurt. Yogurt has amazing nutrients, protein which are extremely beneficial at the same time yogurt keep the body cool, also you can have it honey and fruits and it tastes the same rather its double benefit taste, heathy benefits.

Choose your food with care

DON’T EAT! This is not exactly what it means, but see it other way round, do eat veggies, do eat fruits, do eat right food after every interval, do eat curd, do eat cheese, do eat dark chocolate, do eat home cooked food, the list says yes to things that are generally prohibited from eating in weight loss. Cheese, dark chocolate does have essential elements to be a part of the weight loss and it will only make your food choice better and healthier.

Stay Motivated     

It’s easy to fall off the wagon and stop going to the gym and eating healthfully, but it is tuff and hard to stick to you journey, but  you need to stay motivated and keep up your sprit, every time you quit remember why you started it at first place.

This list of tips for weight loss will help you plan your weight loss program this summer.





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