Bhansali’s Film Padmavati, Indeed A Deadly Blockbuster In The City Of Jaipur

Dead body in Jaipur, as a protest against Padmavati. Seriously?

Ever since the trailer release of Padmavati, the film has been getting bombardment of criticisms from all across the nation. From rallies of protests to furious tweets, the fake history-lovers have taken a toll on such lavishly-crafted film, much much before the release.

What until today, was a fierce protest, in literal sense, apparently doesn’t look like a protest. Yes, it seems Rajasthan is ready to script a new history of protesting against the film, which they allege, would feature a distorted history of Rani Padmini.

For god sake, tell me what under the sky is more awful than murdering a man in the garb of protest? I know its too ghastly a news-capsule for today, but unfortunately, a man was found dead in Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. Beside on the stones near the fort’s adjacent wall, was a shamelessly squiggled death note that read “Hum sirf putle nahin latkate hain ” (It’s not just effigies that we hang — Padmavati).

Murder or suicide? The case still pendulates between both, and the concerned police department is yet to take its course of action to investigate that. Be it any, but why would a protest against the film, which even the censor board is yet to adjudge, take such a deadly turn? The insanity of this fringe group from Rajasthan – Karni Sena- has in fact touched a new height. This group is reported to have threatened Bhansali and Padukone.

Whether or not, this 190-crore film will take its space on silver-screen – God knows! But, seeing priceless lives ending, in this, is the most horrendous way of expressing love for History.

Where, as a nation, are we heading towards?

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