The Bikerni: India’s First Women Motorcycle Club

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When we think of motorcycle rides or a motorcycle association we usually think of a group of rowdy men with motorcycles, all geared up. But, this newly formed all-female motorcycle association is breaking gender stereotypes. The association is known as “Bikerni” and it is India’s first women motorcycle club. Let’s dive into the details of Bikerni.

What is ‘Bikerni’?

The Bikerni’s tagline ‘I like mud for make-up and petrol for perfume’, itself describes their association. It is India’s first all-women motorcycle club that has brought together women across the country who think their first love is a motorcycle.

The Bikerni was founded by Urvashi Patole in the year 2011 and the only aim of the group is to spread women empowerment through the medium of motorcycles by encouraging all the women across the country to get out of their comfort zones and go on adventures they never thought they could.

The highlights of Bikerni are as follows:

    • Bikerni is a group of individuals who are part of this club for different reasons but the one reason that has bonded them together is their love for biking.
    • The Bikerni is the only group from India that has received recognition from the WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association), the most prestigious body in women’s motorcycling.

  • Women involved in the group have the complete knowledge of biking right from changing tires to fixing clutch wires. Also, they can perform some bike stunts and go for long biking tours.
  • The group has received an award from Limca Book of Records 2013: Largest All-Women Motorcycle Expedition to Khardung-La, the highest motorable road from Delhi to Nubra Valley.
  • The youngest member of the group is 17 years old and the eldest one is 57 years old. All the members come from different backgrounds just for learning how to ride and for their immense love for biking.

The biking journey:

  • The biking tours take place across the cities in India to explore every corner of the country.
  • A road captain is assigned by the administrator for every tour that takes place.
  • Each city has one ride once in a month which is followed by a regional/zone meeting once in every three months and various workshops.

While we rarely see women all geared up and biking on the streets of India, the Bikerni has done a great job by breaking that image and encouraging more women to be out on the road for biking. They encourage hundreds of women to take a break from their usual lives and come out in open for enjoying adventurous biking tours. Join the Bikerni association if you love biking and if you are looking for some adventure in your usual life.

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