Bollywood report for the month of March

Bollywood had us in an extravagant treat for the third month of 2018. Plenty of releases in March! Though all of them couldn’t keep us on the edge of our seat, however, a few were enthralling to appease the Bollywood fans. Read about March Box office collection of Bollywood films

March got a bang-on start with Ajay Devgan starrer Raid. Raid, by all means, was a captivating watch. Ajay Devgan pulled off this crime drama beautifully and left us hooked to the screen.

Raid alone dominated the box office since its release on March 16, but what’s so watchable about this crime drama that it received huge footfalls in theatres? The reason is simple, Ajay Devgan himself. Also, Ritesh Shah, the man behind such well-written dialogues. Both, the powerful script and Ajay Devgan’s fearless charm, worked for the movie. Despite the solo release on March 16, the film racks up 94.19 crores in two weeks’ timeline and will soon touch 100 crores.

Anushka Sharma’s Pari, which was released on March 2, was way ahead of Raid, but couldn’t vie with Raid at all. This horror film couldn’t garner more than 28.65 crores at the box office. While other flat films like Veerey Ki Wedding, 3 Storeys, and Dil Juunglee sneaked in the theatres without even the audience noticing it.

March picked up its momentum again with ‘Hichki’ on silver screen. Released on March 23, this message-conveying film by Rani Mukherjee was a sweet and inspiring watch and managed to strike 31.10 crores at box office, that too in mere nine days.

March closed with Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s on-screen wife Disha Patani, that is, the release of Baaghi 2. This was a pure entertainment film topped with its typical Bollywood spice. Much to its expectations, the film entertained the audience shooting up the box-office figures to 45.50 crores in just two days. The statistics clearly hints at the film’s astronomical success.

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