Brother of Missing API Accuses Police Chief of Shielding Accused

Anand, who is the brother of the missing Assistant Police Inspector accuses Navi Mumbai police commissioner Hemant Nagrale of dealing the case with utmost ignorance.

Anand Bidre, brother of the missing Assistant Police Inspector Ashwini Bidre has accused the police commissioner of Navi Mumbai Hemant Nagrale of defending convicts allegedly involved in the case. He even claimed that when the allegations against the accused, Abhay Kurundkar, were mounting the currently suspended senior inspector of police, neither arrested him, nor begin probing his alleged involvement in the case until the intervention of courts.

As per Anand Bidre, “He should have given the case to a senior DCP level officer. However, he delegated the task to an inspector. The actual investigation began only when we knocked the court’s doors and the court asked for a report from the police.”

Anand said that when the investigation was in its initial stage, the officer investigating the case was transferred. Later the investigation was given to the ACP Nilewad by the court. Apparently, Nilwad is not the investigation officer.

He also said that Nagrale is backing the accused, Kurundkar. Despite providing proof against the accused, the police took no action. The accused was booked for abduction and the police was aware about his whereabouts, but he wasn’t detained until recently. It is probable that Kurundkar would have ruined evidence when he was not in police custody.

However, Nagrale has refused the allegations made on him by Anand saying, “I would like to clarify that the investigating officer of the case is not me, but ACP Nilewad of Panvel Division. The day-to-day supervision of investigation is being conducted by DCP Rajendra Mane. The investigation reports of the case have been submitted to the Honourable trial court and Honourable High Court from time to time by the Investigation Officer. There is no question of either me or any other officer casually handling the case. However, it is true that we could not trace the missing API.”

As per Nagrale, the investigation is going in the right direction and that they are awaiting DNA tests which may reveal more facts regarding the case.  He said, “The matter is sub judice at this stage and it will not be appropriate to disclose much details of investigation of the case.”

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