The burger emoji discussion you need to have a discussion about

Guys, drop everything and get in on this discussion.

A serious dicussion took place on the various Burger emoji of top technology cmpanies like Google and Apple. It all started when media analyst, Thomas Baekdal tweeted about wanting to discuss about the burger emojis.

This dicussion took an interesting turn when Google CEO, Sundar Pichai himself decided to contibute to this serious discussion by tweeting a tweet full of wittiness and sarcasm.


And when a tweet is retweeted over 1000 times, you know what happens. That’s right, it makes way for an enthusiastic debate. Lettuce take a look, shall we?


To add to this seemingly never ending debate, The desi Twitterati stepped in and voiced their opinions on how there should be a Vada pav emoji.

Quite the debate huh? Anyways, here’s a dancing burger.



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