Burglars tunneled a 40 ft deep hole and robbed hefty from Bank of Baroda

What a modus operandi right? The stealth and skills to rob a bank of almost all their valuables is what you thought only and only fictional characters of an action movie possessed. And yes, I know you all are going “Shawshank Redemption”. Until yesterday, that is 13th November 2017. Like a bolt from the blue it was when Bank of Baroda, Juinagar brach found that they were robbed.

The tunnel

The tunnel was 40 ft long.  The tunnel began from Balagi Generla store, shop no.7 which was on the ground floor of Bhakti Residency building in sector 11.

    • It first went 5ft down
    • Then 30 ft through, under two more shops to the left

  • Then, it elevated 5ft up into the locker room of the bank. The locker room was behind an ATM which took up the space of shop no.4

The bank and the robbery

  • The bank occupied shops 1-4
  • Ironically, the shop space next to the general store was occupied by a security agency
  • 27-30 lockers were raided which resulted in a robbery of around Rs. 1.5 crores
  • Police suspect the robbery took place over the weekend.

The police’s suspicions and comments

Teams have been split to track down the robbers.

They believe:

    • That the robbers might be from Jharkhand who might be related to robbery that took place earlier in Nerul
    • The plan for the bank robbery started six months ago
    • The shop rented out to Gena Bacchan Prasad
    • After running the shop for two months, he went back to Jharkhand in September on the account of health issues

  • That is when two caretakers would proceed to take over the shop

“We have collected muddy footprints of the burglars in the locker room. We have got leads about the suspects. Six teams from zone 1 police stations, including the crime branch, are tracking them,” said said ACP (Turbhe division) Kiran Patil

The stealth and skills

  • In the span of two months, they dug the 40ft deep hole during night hours and discarded the remaining debris in a nearby open ground in the morning.
  • No one suspected a thing. People on the other floor said they didn’t hear any sounds of digging
  • Police say that going with the measurements of the tunnel, the amount of debris dumped off could fill four 8 ton BMC dumpers
  • A heist of this sort must have included multiple members.
  • They would fix ply sheets to tunnel ceiling and used bamboos to hold them in place to prevent debris from closing it.
  • The gang was also very well aware of the bank’s layout
  • Though they managed to rob a hefty amount of money, they failed to break open into the bank’s main vault in the treasury room.



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