Channeling the power of green

Navi Mumbai soon is about to witness electricity generation through green waste. It will indeed be a proud moment for the city as it will take one step towards contributing to improving the environment.

The civic body has given the green signal to the green waste to electricity generation project at its Turbhe landfill site. The Energy and Resources Institute will also be on board with this pilot project.  TERI is the knowledge partner in the ECo city programme to reduce carbon footprints.

According to TERI sources, they’ll mainly be using remains and wastes of burnt wood. “We found that the coconut to power generation was not feasible as thought earlier because much of it is tender and green and are consumed in the city. What we needed was the high-calorie dry shell, but they are used by religious centers for the purpose of burning it during puja and havan” said TERI.

To the project’s benefit, over 20,000 kg of green waste is generated on daily basis and the project would be requiring just 600 kg of waste to generate the required 20 KW of power. The remaining waste, however, will be used in the future to generate more power and reduce consumption of electricity.

NMMC commissioner, N Ramaswami said, “We should be able to start the project next month. A bigger project, currently in the planning stage, would be taken up in the future to generate electricity. “Teri said it had developed a gasifier that will be installed at the site to generate 20 KW (kilowatt) daily to light up the high masts at the landfill site.”

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