Craving cheese ? Cheese Adda is where you wanna be then

You can never have too much cheese

Cheese is awesome, is delicious, and damn heavenly. It’s as simple as that. Cheese, this single word ironically can never engulf the sheer happiness and sinful deliciousness that cheese is.

Agree or not, there’s one place that agrees with it, and it is Cheese Adda, a small quaint little restaurant in Vashi. This restaurant serves almost all its dishes with a generous amount of cheese. The number of times that you read the word cheese on their menu is enough to jolt your cheese cravings to life.

I and my colleague, Pranali definitely felt that jolt and boyyy were we ready to feast on some cheesy delights. Not only food, they also serve various kinds of mocktails and milkshakes or as they call it, freakshakes.

So here is what we tried from their mouthwatering menu

  1. Pani puri shots

Yes, shots. This dish was easily the very first thing that caught our attention the second we reached the venue. The pani part of pani puri was served in shot glasses. It was poured in such a way that gave this ombre effect with the sweet and spicy water. On top of the glasses were the puris which were topped with loads of cheese. The owner told that we first eat the puri and ‘bottoms up’ the shot of water. It was indeed a unique way to eat pani puri. Though they tasted really good, we wish they added some ragda along with the cheese.

  1. Chocolate brownie freakshake

Freakshake in Cheese Adda

Holy wow! This milkshake was just soo delicious. Everything was perfect, the chocolate shake, the whipped cream, the sprinkles, the brownie, the wafer, and the chocolate stick. PERFECT.

  1. Potato tornado

Potato Tornado at Cheese Adda in Vashi Navi Mumbai

This dish is claimed to be first of its kind in Navi Mumbai. A skilfully cut potato on a stick cooked with spices and topped with liquid cheese, this dish definitely would definitely make for good appetizer.

  1. Loaded pizzeria

Loaded pizzeria at Cheese Adda in Vashi Navi Mumbai

For the price, this pizza was soo darn good. A Thin base topped the usual pizza toppings, this pizza is so worth your money. Ughh, still reminscing that melted cheese.

  1. Cheese Adda special sandwich

Cheese Adda special sandwich in Vashi Navi Mumbai

More melted cheese!!! This sandwich was topped with melted cheese. The filling was a delicious combo of paneer, mayo, chutney and other veggies. Just lip-smackingly fulfilling.


Address: Plot 132, Sector 28, Vashi Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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