Chennai police: The deservingly sung heroes

Chennai police helping out the city during heavy rains is another reason to believe that not all heroes wear capes. Chennai once again has faced the unwelcoming heavy Rain. The city is in distress as many residents have been forced to vacate and this perilous weather situation cost 10 people their lives.

To help the citizens weather through the harsh rains, the Chennai police stepped way up to offer all their and support. This is honestly an understatement because the help provided by these true men in uniforms was akin to God’s blessings for the affected victims.

From unclogging drains with their own bare hands to distributing food, praises upon praises were lavished on them for their aid not only from Chennai but from across the country took to Twitter to share pics of policemen in action and complimenting them on their efforts spread to spread relief to the city. Their act heroism and generosity was even recognized by Veteran actor, Kamal Haasan.




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