CIDCO’s New Strategy to Vacate the land of villagers in Airport Site

Vacating house brings advantage to the villagers

CIDCO’s new scheme for the Navi Mumbai villagers

As we all know that the chosen land for the airport site belongs to the villagers of Navi Mumbai. To empty the site, city and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) has come up with a new scheme. The scheme claims that villagers will get an additional ₹500 per square feet for vacating their homes on the airport site as soon as possible. As stated by the CICDO officials, houses that cover a minimum of 1,000 square feet would stand to earn a maximum of ₹5 lakh as per the incentive scheme.

In-depth details of the CIDCO incentive scheme

The reason for coming with the scheme is that CIDCO has to hand over the site to the airport developer GVK in June. The only aim of the incentive scheme is to vacate the area as soon as possible. Till date, the rate promised to the villagers for vacating their houses is ₹1,000 per square feet. CIDCO now promises to pay an additional ₹500 per square feet to those vacating their homes by March 31 and ₹300 to those who leave in April, and ₹100 in May. The scheme is valid until the last day of May 2018.

A CIDCO official said, “The villagers are expected to vacate their houses as well as get them demolished. The villagers can claim the incentive from us only after destroying their houses. After the survey and verification by us, we will hand over the money to the villagers. The scheme is valid till the end of May and after that, no incentive over and above the ₹1,000 per square feet will be given.”

450 out of 3,000 families residing on the airport site have already vacated their houses. The ₹16,700-crore upcoming Navi Mumbai airport is being built on 1,160 hectares of land, of which 30 hectares are occupied by 10 villages comprising the 3,000 families. Around 25% of the work has been completed and currently, the landfilling process is going on at the airport site.

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