City Favorites: Navi Mumbai Festivals You Just Can’t Miss

The soul of a city is best showcased through its festivals. How about giving clubbing and movie-going a miss this time, and checking out the plethora of cultural activities Navi Mumbai has on offer?


MAP 2017

Navi Mumbai’s biggest music, art and poetry festival, MAP 2017, had its first run on 22nd and 23rd July this year, and is slated to be a grand annual occurrence. Featuring a rich variety of local talent, the festival also has workshops on poetry, creative writing, music, art and social media.

Entry is free, but make sure to register in advance, so you don’t miss out. Registrations for MAP 2018 aren’t open yet, but you can get updates on the next installation of this fest here.

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Navi Mumbai Navratri Festival

Around September every year, the city comes alive with festivities centered around the Hindu festival of Navratri. Locals and visitors alike, deck up in bright ethnic costumes to dance the night away, and gorge on traditional delicacies.

The Navi Mumbai Navratri Festival, is a ten-day fun-filled fest, organized every year from 21st to 30th September, in Kharghar.

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Relish Korey Ilish Festival

Transport your taste-buds to orgasmic heaven, with the choicest of offerings at the Relish Korey Ilish Festival. A godsend for fish-lovers, Bongs and people with taste-buds, the Ilish Festival at Iti Restaurant serves up a smorgasbord of delectable hilsa dishes, from the interestingly named ‘baked hilsa’ to the traditional ‘shorshe ilish’.


USNM Sketch-Fest

A two-day sketch-fest in Urban Haat, the USNM Festival was organized by CIDCO and The Urban Sketchers of Navi Mumbai (USNM). Workshops, talks and sketching tips from city artists were followed by a sketch-walk to capture the beautiful morning views on canvas.

The city’s artists and sketchers also came together to collectively adorn a 45X45 feet canvas, in a delightful collaboration.

The festival was held for the first time on 11th Sept ‘17, but is slated to become an annual event.

Image Credits: USNM

The Glamping Fest #TGF

Enjoy roughing it out in woods? The Glamping Fest in Kalambai village is the perfect opportunity to spend a night under the stars, sleeping in a cozy tent amidst a lush forest. You can also enjoy a campfire party, barbecue dinner, games and more. Head to Kalambai on 16th and 17th September, or get in touch here – 8976892805.

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