Civic Education Department to introduce Digital Classrooms by Next Academic Year

Civic education department is all set to introduce digital classrooms by next academic year.

The civic education department of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is all braced up to elevate the concept of digital classrooms. In this process, both the teaching process and associated administrative work will be upgraded. They have undertaken the process of laying out a customized IT system with an estimated cost of ₹14.48 crore over the duration of 5 years.

According to Sandeep Sangave, “This time, however, the plan is to equip each classroom of the primary and secondary schools with modern teaching tools.”

The move will help each classroom of the 70 civic schools to be installed with 596 smart boards, one computer laboratory with minimum 8 computers and maximum 15 computers. In addition, to supplement the academic modules, students will also be provided with study materials.

“The idea is to let children get a broader understanding of their subjects. So if a lesson on science is being taught, the teacher will have online access to give multiple examples from the digital platform instead of restricting themselves only to textbooks,” added the officer.

The training of around 700 teaching staff has been already undertaken.

As per civic officials, the system will not be limited to only academics, but it will also be used for administrative purposes, which are education specific.

“Currently, all administrative works such as admission process, filing attendance or mark sheets are done manually. The revamped IT system will incorporate administrative work as well,” informed an official. “This would ensure that all documentation is stored online and also centrally linked,” he further stated.

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