Cost of Onions and Peas to Soar, Tomato Prices Dropped

Prices of onions and peas to hike in the wholesale market of Vashi.

The cost of kitchen staple in the wholesale market of Vashi is most likely to go up. Despite the abundant supply of new onion crop, the wholesale price saw a sudden hike of up to Rs 30-35/kg from Wednesday’s Rs 25-30 this week. Although, the retail price has remained more unaltered.

Similarly, the wholesale price of green peas also saw the same hike of up to Rs 40-45/kg from Wednesday’s Rs 25. This has pushed up its retail price to Rs 70-80/kg from Rs 50-60.

The whole price of capsicum has also spiralled from Rs 25-30 to Rs 30-35/kg, due to its decline in supply from Palghar. At present, its retail price has come up to at Rs 60-70/kg from the earlier Rs 50-60.

On the contrary, the wholesale prices of tomato have plunged from Rs 25-30/kg to Rs 20, which has brought down its retail price from Rs 50-60 on Wednesday to Rs 40-50/kg.

However, tomato prices have dropped to Rs 20 from Rs 25-30/kg in the wholesale market, bringing down the retail price too to Rs 40-50/kg from Rs 50-60 on Wednesday. It was sold at Rs 40-55 in Andheri.

As per Ashok Walunj, an onion wholesale trader, the prices of onion shot up despite 125 trucks of onion arrived in the city on Thursday.

Against the 110 trucks that were received on Thursday, APMC observed just 30 trucks arriving on Wednesday. Though, the prices remained unaffected with not so good retailer’s turnout. The prices are anticipated to go up even more before reaching a stage of stability in the coming weeks.

Recent shower is deemed to be the main reason for the decline in supply of onions, because even a day of nonseasonal rain can ruin the harvested crop. Therefore, the harvest might get postponed by almost a week in the presence of wet ground situation.

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