Crossing roads in Navi Mumbai will be easier

Traffic to get more under control

The civic body’s new initiative towards traffic control will now make it easy for citizens of Navi Mumbai to travel and cross roads safely.

For the first time, the city has gotten pedestrian buttons at traffic junctions. The newly installed buttons will give more control to pedestrians to change the traffic signal when they want to cross the road. The devices were installed on Wednesday and will be activated in a day or two.

These buttons were installed as part of the walkability project of the NMMC. You can find the button at locations like the junction near D Mart and Swami Vivekanand Chowk in Kopar Khairne.

More push buttons will be installed in various other occasions like Purushottam Khedkar chowk, Swami Samarth Chowk in Airoli and on Thane-Belapur road near Mukund company, near Bharat Bijlee and Rabale junction.

Municipal commissioner Ramaswamy N said, “The traffic signals play an important role in controlling traffic. At the time of school opening and closing in the morning, afternoon and evening, we see a large number of students and residents, especially women at the traffic signals near schools, wanting to cross the busy roads. Senior citizens, pregnant women and physically challenged persons too face problems of crossing roads at busy junctions.”

Under the system, the traffic signals on all the four sides of the junction will have the push buttons.

When the pedestrians want to cross the road, they can just push the button. The button will cause the signal to change to the green pedestrian sign which gives an indication of moving a vehicle that people want or are crossing the road.

This initiative has been well received by many citizens of the city.

Ramaswamy said, “It will help reduce the hassles faced by the residents and also give a boost to our walkability project that is aimed at ensuring uninterrupted walking for the residents.”

A resident of Kopar Khairne said “The D Mart area is perennially a busy area and it is difficult for pedestrians to crossroads. The system will help areas which have schools. It is important that the residents use the facility responsibly and not play pranks.”

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