Damaged Airoli subway height bar causes inconvenience for road commuters

It was found out in the early hours of Tuesday that the height gauge restricting the entry of taller vehicles at the mouth of Airoli railway subway connecting the Thane Belapur road with Airoli nodal roads, Patni road leading to Thane and Mulund-Airoli road was found broken.

It looked like a heavy vehicle had dashed it because of which traffic department had to block the vital road links for a day. This block caused a lot of inconvenience for many commuters who travel by vehicles.

This move ensued traffic rage on Thane Belapur road, Mulund-Airoli road and Patni road besides all internal roads in Airoli, Rabale and even Ghansoli. This was due to the fact that many commuters were unaware of the situation because of which they were stuck in traffic.

Mamta D’Souza, traffic inspector of Rabale unit said, “We had no other choice but to block the subway to divert the four wheelers along Airoli station subway while other vehicles on Mulund-Airoli link road at T-junction to disperse on Thane Belapur road. We informed railway officials and NMMC as well to remove the iron bar from the road to pave the way for vehicular movement.”

“We had no idea of traffic diversion which is why we got stuck in the traffic for almost two hours at Airoli itself,” said Amit Kulkarni, a motorist.

Finally in the evening, the road was open commuters to travel by.

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