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Decoding happiness on International Day of Happiness

Simple tricks to make happiness a habit

Happiness – that one thing that we all chase yet we feel we can never find. But you know what? Happiness is in everything. Happiness is in grabbing the last slice of pizza, happiness is in feeling a short gush of a cool breeze on a hot day, happiness is in watching your parents hold hands as they walk together, happiness is having a puppy lick your nose! Happiness is everywhere, yet according to statistics, we are not very happy. Why? Because we tend to attach the feeling of genuine happiness only to some things, that are a little hard to achieve. For example: finding the perfect partner, having won a distinction award, having bought that house by the beach etc. Now, these are great and very important goals to have but we end up being miserable until we achieve the impossible. So, on this International Day of Happiness, let’s practice finding happiness in the little things. Here we go!

  • Be still, be quiet!

Not exactly what’s on everybody’s list of to-dos. But hey! This is scientifically proven! So, let’s give it a shot. Just 10 minutes of meditation every day and you can literally feel the stress leave your body. Maybe turn off notifications for 10 minutes on your phone and meditate to feel happy.

  • Be sweaty and active!

I know you are cringing. But have you tried Zumba? Dancing to get fit is one of the most inspired ideas ever! And you know losing weight at the end of the day is another reason to be happy, in case you don’t understand the chemistry behind endorphins, dopamine etc.

  • Be radiant and positive!

I know some of you are yawning but do you realize that is a sign that you are not happy? Oh yeah, that’s got your attention! Try practicing positivity actively and see how your mood changes for the better. Happiness is really just a side effect in this case.

  • Be silly!

Do you take things too seriously? Do you overthink every scenario? Let me tell you something, you are stopping yourself from being happy! Come on, loosen up a little. Dance in the shower, sing in the lift, make funny faces in the mirror and talk in funny voices to your friends. Being silly is a sure-shot way to finding happiness in day to day life.

4 simple steps to finding your path to happiness. Seriously, why do we complicate things that much when we can be happy with normal things? Happiness is not rocket science. So, let’s not make it that and let’s start singing – ‘Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth’! The happy happiness you all!

Written by: Natasha Badsha

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