Disabling disability from getting in her way, this 22-year old girl challenges life by taking on success

Aditi Verma, a 22-year-old, runs a food stall in Belapur CBD’s Bhoomi mall in sector 15. The fact that’ll take you by surprise is that Aditi suffers from down syndrome. But, despite the disability, she remained strong and went ahead with the idea of opening a food stall. In the future, she wishes to open a 5-star hotel.

The real heroes in her life are her parents, who since her birth have been very supportive. They’ve always encouraged her to lead a normal life and never made feel like she was different. She also has a younger brother. The main goal of her parents was to make her feel independent and help pursue her dreams. Aditi has a deep fascination with cooking, which is the main reason that led her to start this food stall. The food stall began in 2016. According to Ms. Aditi, they always have a different menu for lunch, and her food is a big hit among many office workers. She runs the stall with help two other men, Sardar Paramjit ‘Uncle’, who takes care of cooking at the café and Ram, the delivery boy, who carries out deliveries to offices in the mall.

The main specialty here is her chocolates and cupcakes. She takes pride in the fact that these desserts are bestsellers.

Here’s another reason to be super impressed with her; She represented Maharashtra as an entrepreneur in the Self Advocates Forum of India (SAFI) in Bengaluru on December 9, 2016. She even gave a lecture on how she started her food stall and how she wishes to expand in the coming future. She has been nominated as the State representative for SAFI.


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