Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?

Guys, I’m going to write about the world’s favourite hobby; Sleep. Don’t we all just loooove to plop anywhere and just enjoy a good siesta? (even though all we do is just sleep.)

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You are definitely wondering what could anyone possibly write about sleeping. Like, duuude, you just lie on the bed, ponder about all your life choices and then zzzzzzzzzzzz….. follows suit. Perhaps maybe a dream or 2 too.


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Well nope, there’s more to it than just crashing into bed.

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So I, for the sake of the promise I made to fill the time slot by writing an article, I’m going to try to somewhat scientifically talk about sleep.

I know with every inch of my existence after reading this, you’re still going to sleep to your heart’s content.

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Hell, I know even I’m going to stay up till 3 am and sleep at the crack of dawn. But still, a little knowledge on how much to sleep don’t hurt.

Sleep is very vital for the overall health of an individual. Did you know, 1/3 of our lives is spent sleeping. (cough…full…cough)

It is already made aware to us that the ideal number of hours of sleep required for an adult is eight hours, but all those hours are rarely met with sound sleep due to the list of priorities we need to fill in order to keep our way of lifestyle intact. Though, that’s not to say that health should be compromised.

Lack of sleep leads to cons like, poor cognitive function, increase in health issues, poor temper control and much more.


Sleep varies depending on the age and lifestyle of people. In order to achieve a somewhat decent sleep pattern, one must assess how much sleep should they need along with analyzing factors that contribute to the kind of lifestyle they’re leading.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, these are some tips to follow a healthy sleep pattern.

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