Doctors Caution Against Ailments Due to Unseasonal Rains

City doctors warn against ailments that can be caused due to unseasonal rains. They appeal to take precautionary measure to prevent yourself from falling sick.

December 2017 is witnessing Ailments Due to Unseasonal Rains that has brought a drastic drop in city’s temperature. While residents got some respite from the constant warm temperature since the last couple of days, doctors have appealed to the people to take precautionary measures as unseasonable showers can bring a lot of illnesses with them.

City doctors have advised people to refrain from eating street food, consume enough fluids and stay dry. Following all these medical advices would help people from catching infection, acquiring sicknesses and allergies.

As winter bring its fair share of osteoporosis, arthritis and allergies, the sudden temperature drops since last 2 days have increased several health risks. According to Dr Sandeep Sonawane the unseasonal showers will entail rise in gastro problems and viral infections.

Sonawane added, “Children and elderly people will be affected the most. Ideally one should stay indoors as much as possible, wash fruits and vegetables well before eating, avoid street food, wash hands before eating and drink enough fluids.” Also, patients who are already suffering from arthritis and diabetes should get themselves vaccinated to be on the safer side.

Moreover, a consulting physician, Dr Akshay Chhalani stated that people must avoid getting drenched in the rains. He said, “Those with lung infections and smokers can get affected by this weather.”

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