Easter – A world’s view of the revered holiday

A little more than Easter eggs and gorging on cakes!

With Easter just around the corner, most cakes and patisseries are going overboard, and products are flying off the shelf. But how much do you really know about Easter? Is it really enough that it’s a holiday for you? Or are you keen to be more of a global citizen and learn about other cultures and traditions? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. It is also the culmination of the 40-day fasting, penance and prayer period known as Lent. While Christ followers have their own religious traditions and customs, there are certain traditions that countries follow that go above and beyond the essence of Easter. Let’s go for a quick world tour and discover the little-known traditions that people religiously follow for Easter. Off we go!

Florence, Italy

Neighboring the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City, Florence has its own age-old customs. And one of the most interesting traditions is known as Scoppio del Carro which in English means, ‘explosion of the cart’. For this, a beautiful decorative cart is packed with fireworks and is taken through the city streets with people dressed in 15th century outfits. The cart comes to a stop outside the Duomo, the Archbishop of Florence and a fuse is lit during the Easter mass that makes its way outside to the cart which lights up in loud sparkles of fireworks. Some traditions are good fun and this one stands for a good harvest. Quite a sight, it would be!


Now this a tradition that is relatable back home in India. On Easter, people head out to the streets with buckets of water and empty it on each other in a custom called Śmigus-dyngus. While there is a slight naughty twist to this. The boys try to drench everyone on the streets and according to tradition, it is said that the girls who get drenched on this day will have to marry within a year.

Haux, France

Well, what’s a festival without some scrumptious drool-worthy food? And if you’re in this part of France, you’re in for a treat! On Easter Monday, the entire town has their breakfast together. Yep, we’re serious. A giant omelette made of 4,500 eggs is served up in the town’s main square and everyone is invited to dig in. The story behind this is just as heart-warming as the omelet itself. It is said that Napoleon and his army were passing through this town and stopped to eat omelettes. Apparently, he liked the omelets so much that he ordered the town to make a giant omelette for his entire army. We adore this!


This one is slightly creepy yet cute. This Scandinavian country sees little children dress up like witches and go door to door begging for chocolate eggs (yes, you read that right). These cute little kids are dressed in scarves, badly made-up faces and they carry along with them willow twigs and features. Some parts also indulge in a little Easter bonfire since they believe that the fire wards of witches and ghosts who fly around in brooms in the area. Yikes!

So now that you know how the world celebrates this blessed day, you can go on and appreciate your traditions a little more and maybe even be smarty pants in a conversation about Easter around the world. What do you say partner?


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