Even Dogs have the Right to Live

Kharghar Animal activists start a thoughtful initiative!

Quite often we do see an animal lying dead in the middle of the road or on a side, dead. Cars and trucks just running over the lifeless body. At times some stray dogs manage to survive their first hit, however find it difficult to move as either of their limbs are fractured or injured and especially at night, when most of the street lights aren’t working, these poor souls get run over multiple times, causing any little life left in them to leave the body.

Recently five street dogs were killed in such hit and run cases in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. A Kharghar activist Monu Pal, along with other animal lovers chose to start an initiative to save the lives of these poor speechless beings.

They attached reflector collars around the necks of almost 150 stray dogs. This would ensure that the vehicle driver could see them from a distance and hence avoid them from getting killed on and reduce people conveniently blaming the lack of street lights rather than their rash and irresponsible driving.

Animals too have equal rights to live as we humans do, their lack of voicing their opinions does not reduce their right to live. Animal activists in Kharghar have proved this by this beautiful and considerate gesture.

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