Ever Played Musical Chair in Navi Mumbai Trains?

Because, Monsoon Calls For Musical Chair in Navi Mumbai

I’m sure you all must be scratching your head for, why has this crazy lady come up with such a crazy headline? Of countless existing combinations on the planet, why musical chair in Navi Mumbai trains?

Well, I’m not a Mumbaikar, and ever since I have taken this life-changing shift from Kolkata to Mumbai, I’ve been observing every bit of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, be it about a hullabaloo in stations here or characteristic behaviour – from ‘kidhar-utroge’ to ‘arre-andar-chalo’ kinds – inside the train coaches.


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Monsoons in Mumbai be like don’t-know-what-exactly! Good to enjoy a cup of ‘masala’ tea or bad to wade through the flooded tracks? You know it better, Mumbaikars. Don’t you? But, don’t tell me you’ve not enjoyed musical chair (or may be musical seat) in the coaches. Didn’t you, while an ‘aunty’ beside you jostled forward to grab on to the driest space to rest her buttocks on?

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I bet you all did. I do it too 😉 Because, Navi Mumbai plays musical chair to the beats of rains.

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