Everyone’s Favorite Hood: Childhood

Before putting together words that tell you why childhood was an essential part of our lives, happy birthday to the first Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru aka Chacha Nehru.  His birthday is celebrated as children’s day since he was very fond of kids.

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”

– Chacha Nehru

Everyone in this whole universe has a truckload of childhood memories (Of course, not children, because their truckload of memories is still in the making).  No one can ever deny that childhood was the best part of their lives. Being doted, loved, scolded, educated. No one does that to adults unless of course if it’s your parents.

Childhood is the most important part any one’s life. It’s a delicate phase where you’re constantly exposed to new things and trying to wrap your heads around them, seeing them as what they from child’s point of view. It is when we learn, develop a conscience that moulds us into the mature individuals we are now.

Needless to say, being a mature adult in no way suggests that we have let go of our childhood charisma. In fact, stepping into both adulthood and the real world simultaneously, just sometimes(or maybe all the time) makes you want to go back to the safe cocoon of childhood, curl up and never step out.

It is such a universal thing, to just stop and reminisce childhood memories. While cleaning up and decluttering your things, watching kids doing typical childhood things, having conversations with parents or close people. Guys, say aye if you are one of those whose parents repeatedly talk about how you were as a child and listing for the millionth all things you different.

While we do take joy in talking about the jolliness of childhood, agreeably, there too have been many instances that have at some point left us being inundated with overwhelming emotions and a sense of loss. For eg. losing a loved one, switching schools, switching homes, being behaved rudely with, bullied etc. And, as bitter as they are, they also are the vital parts of not only our childhood, but our lives that makes who we are. It teaches us about how life is not always fair. No, it’s not something we should go through at a tender age, but a few harsh truths mixed in with the blissfulness of being a child is what I think makes the perfect childhood. Not too critical, but also not too naïve.

Anyways, let’s steer away from all this serious philosophical-ness and let’s see how many of you remember these childhood memories.

1.  This ice candy things that we used to call “Pepsi Cola”.  Mahhn.. Pepsi and Coco-Cola will lose their minds if ever they come across this piece of information. 


2. Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai….


3. If you have never shouted out the wrong answer with confidence, then, we strongly doubt your existence


4.  You always told yourself you’re not scared, but the Theme music of Aahat did give you the chills

5.  I’m an adult and I still feel like it follows me even though I know the scientific reason6.  Our Desi Wala Superman

7. Probably, the fight on who wants to be sipahi lasted longer than the game

8.  These two outward curvy strokes that constituted a flying bird


9.  The satisfaction every time one kancha hit the other.


10. “Tip top tip top which color do you want” a line that made you make the most difficult decision ever


11. It felt like an Olympic level kind of accomplishment to jump to the other side without coming in contact with fingers that acted as the bar.


12. Slurping this icy delight and then sticking out your tongue to intensely scrutinize the color of our tongues

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