Experience the Navi Mumbai Durga Puja Festival at its Best

Ask Kolkatans what Durga Puja (nay, Pujo) means to them, and you’ll understand why and how Puja is so much more than a festival in Kolkata. You’ll know how it is an emotion they ecstatically wait for, throughout the year. Just ask them, but prior to that, do muster up enough patience to watch them blabbing endlessly about their attachment with ‘Pujo’. That special is the essence of Durga Puja for them.

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Anyway, the ditto Pujo-flamboyance of Kolkata can’t be replicated in Navi Mumbai. But, Navi Mumbai does deck itself up with beautiful pandals in its nooks and corners. Lively enough to stir up the Pujo-Pujo feel, over and around in the air.

So, this puja, don’t go cribbing around ‘Aww, I miss Durga Puja so much’. Instead, go and be a part of these classy associations.

  1. Vashi Cultural Association

Established in 2005 at Vashi, Vashi Cultural Association (VCA) is one of the most-enjoyed club during Durga Puja in Navi Mumbai. Keeping up with the energies of Bengali culture, VCA hosts 5-day program pertaining to traditional culture and art of Bengalis, every year. VCA has also been endeavouring seamlessly to build up a better society, through its small but meaningful initiatives.

  1. Bengali Cultural Association Kharghar

Somewhere in the heart of the town of Kharghar, every Bengali has their heart set on the prettified lanes of Utsav Chowk in Kharghar, during the merrier days of Durga Puja. With the puja of Bengal Cultural Association Kharghar, Bengalis in Kharghar are certainly poised to live the grandeur of Kolkata in Mumbai.

  1. Navi Mumbai Bengali Association

With its premise at sector 6, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Bengali Association (NMBA) is one of the largest association of Bengalis in Maharashtra. Ever since its commemoration in 1981, it has been preserving the aura of pujo in the fabric of multi-ethnic Navi Mumbai since decades.

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All these associations arouse bang-on bong feel within the Bengalis away from their roots- Bengal, but, yet closer.

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