Fanny packs are back

90’s was one of the best decades.

Especially for fashion trends.

90's Fashion 90's Fashion

In the past 2-3 years, the best of 90’s fashion trends made their way back. the classic tattoo chokers, all chokers, satin dresses, tee-shirt over spaghetti strapped dresses, denim overalls. And guess what? One of the trends that made it to the ‘welcome back 90s list’ is fanny packs.

Fanny Packs

Yes, you read it right, fanny packs. Something no one expected would make a comeback. If you may not know, fanny pack is also considered a ‘90s dad-fashion’, you know like the sandals with socks trend?


To this:

quite the upgrade, huh?

I’m definitely one of the 90’s babies who spotted those waste- bag thingy’s strapped around men’s waist. Not really sure if my dad was one of them.

Ironic, isn’t it? The one thing we thought was so unflattering is now literally everyone wants? TBH, even I want one. Not that I disliked them, but now even I’m on the hunt for a fanny pack.

Of course, with the demand for fanny packs rising, fashion brands have stepped up and designed these convenient suckers to appease the 90s wannabes. Take a look at these latest takes on the 90s staples

Fanny Packs Fanny Packs Fanny Packs

Don’t these make you wanna just jump on the band-wagon and rejoice the 90s fashion?

From fashion bloggers to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Fergie,  evvveryone’s donning these in style.

Fanny Packs Fanny Packs

Oh, also slinging these over the shoulders is a new way to wear them.

If fanny packs has come handy the most somewhere, it’s without a doubt Coachella. Roaming about the green stretches all day, clad in funky boho looks and enjoying great music, of course, they couldn’t be more helpful. Also, gotta get the fashion game on.

Dig the trend? Here are some fanny packs worth checking out.

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