These food hacks that will make your life easier

This is a universal truth. The one thing that we strive at, and ace with flying colors is….. Stuffing our faces. Can’t deny it, can you? Hey, there is no shame. Again, this is a universal truth. I do it, you do it, the whole universe does it. Because it’s the most delicious, easy, satisfying and relieving thing to do. And, yeah, of course, also for survival.

Buuuut, the world isn’t perfect. The world isn’t fair. There are moments where, even when we are trying to eat, we feel sloppy and clumsy. For e.g when trying to separate egg whites and yolks, ending up having a shell shards in the egg, trying to get those damn pomegranate seeds from the clutches of the fruit’s skin and many more trials and tribulations we sometimes have to go through to eat food. These are the tricky instances that make us go all ballistic like that kid who “only” scored 95%(if you didn’t get the reference, read the first line) when these tricks can be solved with easy food hacks. Take a look!

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Surabhi Mahadevan

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