Foods that shouldn’t be inside refrigerators

Belonging to a generation that has been familiar with refrigerators since toddler hood, I haven’t the slightest clue on how food used to be preserved before the invention of these helpful, preserving and giant cooling box that we very lovingly call fridge. It is true true that whenever we buy fresh groceries, have leftovers or have in possession any other kind foods, the quick way we can think of preserving of them is to put them in fridge and be assured that they will a little while longer.

However, being so highly used to the wonders of this electronic brilliance, what we might not know is that there are certain foods that aren’t supposed to be refrigerated

I know, shocker right ? Find out what kind of foods you are not supposed to refrigerate.

1. Apple

Apples taste much more fresher and juicier when kept at room temperature. Refriferating them leads to the loss of their nutrients.

2. Garlic

to maintain the freshness and flavour of garlic, they need stored in dry cool places. Refrigerators have moisture that if garlics came in contact with, will destory the flavors of the pods.

3. Coffee

If caffine is your life line, then you better not let coffee see the inside of the fridge ever. They should be strictly kept in air tight containers and will be destroyed if exposed to humidity and moisture.

4. Tomato

The secret to making tomatoes last longer with its juiciness and firmness intact, is to keep them in an open container near the window. You refrigerate them, they get squisshy, mealy and just ughh!

5. Honey

some might already know this, but honey is always supposed stored in room temperature. If refrigerated, honwy will become crystallized.

6. Onion

It’s always recommendable to store onions in room temperature. If you have to keep them in the fridge, then put them in a resealable bag and then vegetable bin. Otherwise avoid refigeratin them for they’ll become moldy and mushy and your whole fridge will start smelling pungent and unpleasant.

7. Potato

If youe want tasteless and gritty potatoes, throw them in the fridge. But if fresh and tasty potaoes is with what you want to make a great dish, then store them in an open basket in room temperature.




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