Foul Odor Disperse in Mahape Air After MIDC Pipeline Leakage

Mahape air reeked of foul odor after MIDC Pipeline suffers leakage.

After congestion, an effluent carrying MIDC pipeline to the CETP got ruptured and started leaking on Sunday. The leakage led to the dispersal of foul odor in the air of Mahape, thereby causing passers-by to cover their nose.

Samples are being gathered from all the points of MPCB pipeline, which are the source of the effluent discharge. The collected samples will be sent to the laboratory in Mahape to examine the effluents that is leaking.

The leak led to local residents complain regarding the foul smell on Monday morning.

According to an MPCB official, there is less dispersion due to low temperature, since it’s a winter season. Although, high humidity is also the cause of less discharge of gases into the upper levels of the atmosphere. However, there was a less discharge of effluents accompanied with foul odor.

The foul smell was at its peak till 3am starting from midnight. This was the second time for the residents of Vashi since October.

Besides waste from the surrounding slum areas, the nullah also transmits the treated waste of industry from the CETP. The samples gathered from nearby areas of the nullah were examined to know whether the discharge resulted into the foul odor or not.

Recently, the MPCB has claimed to the MIDC that it is in the process to replace old corroded pipelines with the new ones.

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